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Trying it out Got my stuff today!!

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Hey guys, I am trying out Dans Regimen. I got the Cetapil Gentle Skin cleanser,the Cetapil Moisturizer, An Neutrogena- On the Spot. I am wondering how long will i see a effect? If i do it everybody an night when should i see a effect? I have very small acne nothing major just little bumps i would like to go away. Also I am wondering do i suppose to rub the On the Spot stuff till it starts to peel like? Then rub on the moisturizer? Is that good enough to stop or should i keep on rubbing??

Another question is

What is a good lotion to use on my faces when it gets dry?

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How long will it take? That depends on you, your heredity, your skin type, your sensitivity to all those topicals and probably many more factors that are difficult to keep track of. The bottomline is it might take a week or it might take a few months, it's personal and it varies.

If you do it at night only then I suppose you will see an effect eventually but I found that using benzoyl peroxide (neutrogena on the spot) in the morning helps quite a bit; however if you've never tried it before you shouldn't do it more than once a day the first week.

As for the rubbing part, you shouldn't RUB per se, instead kind of slide it only as gently as you can, putting on a generous amount of BP (that doesn't mean so much that you're having a hard time distributing it) and once it's kind of absorbed just let it dry out. You don't have to rub it in for hours (If I understood your question correctly)

Once BP is dry apply the moisturizer, but again not too much. The point of applying the moisturizer is to counter BP's dryness and get rid of the flakes (if there are any).

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Oh alright then. Ill do that an ill do it once a day for a week. An i will just rub it on there like you said an kinda of lather it but not alot but ill do it softly then ill let it try then ill apply the moisturizer.

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