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How can you tell if you have "oily" skin?

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I use the Clean & Clear oily wipes thingy.

But the thing is ... I can't tell if I have oily skin. When it's really hot in the summer, my forehead is all shiny, and when I use it, it's usually just sweat, but sometimes, I can see it's oil.

How can you tell if you have oily skin and how does it get oily?

Thank you

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Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Try to stay in air conditioned comfort for 30 minutes. In 30 minutes, touch a finger to your skin where it appears shiny. Touch that finger to a glass. If you leave an obvious fingerprint, you've got oily skin. :P

If your skin feels 'tight' even 30 minutes after washing with a gentle cleanser, you most likely have dry skin.

Oily skin is a matter of genetics mostly. It could be a product of environment, the products you apply, and/or reactions to different medications you take. The good thing with oily skin is you are less prone to wrinkling! :) I'm 40 in two months. I have 2 mild wrinkles. That's it. I have EXTREMELY oily skin thanks to my Dad. He's in his mid 70's and has a few wrinkles. That's it. I swear he looks not even 45 in some lights. :)

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