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help.. its dreading me..

hey guys.. i am on dan's regimen for a week or so and had actually improve on the t- spots, the nose ,chin and forehead. i have no pimples at all on those areas , the only problem i have now is on my cheeks, sides of my face and along my jaw line . the killer red bumps and white heads!! ](*,)

initially using the bp , there was no tiny weeny red bumps along with white heads on my cheeks , but after 4 days of using it it started to come out ALOT all over both sides of my cheeks and they are itchy like those insect bites. those irritaing red bumps and whitehead are soo visible. the good thing is i dont have any more pimples on the anymore.only those RED BUMPS AND WHITEHEADS!! arghhh...

i now am puzzled on why do they appear. maybe its caused by the hot humid weather here or maybe i did start wif a bit more bp on the cheeks too early? or issit the reaction of the bp on dry areas?(e.g the non t- spot areas?

now i am trying to use only a bit on the cheeks in the morning and in the evenin i'll put some sea cucumber gel on it to cool my skin. but its really weird :-s hope somebody shares any thoughts or queries!!

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adam--I had mild-to-moderate acne, no large cysts at all, until I tried the regimen. The BP cleared my whiteheads in a matter of hours, but I developed some really nasty inflamed cysts--which I covered in more BP, thinking that it could only help. Every day I'd wake up with one or two new cysts, and my skin looked like a train wreck. It was awful.

Then I read on these boards that a few people had experienced an increase in cysts since adopting the regimen, so I stopped using BP two days ago--and guess what? No new cysts, and the old ones have dried up almost completely! I have a few whiteheads again, but they're definitely not as bad as cysts. Of course, it's still too soon to jump to conclusions, but it seems possible that I had some kind of allergic reaction to BP. I'm sure that Dan's regimem works wonders for many people, but maybe some (including you?) can't handle it?

I'm going to give B5 a try myself. A lot of people say they've seen positive results.

Good luck!

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hey ennui! thks for the reply .. ermm i mst say u may have some allergic prob to bp. its best not to use it anymore . but if u want to , u could use it only really on the affected areas and not more . jst use a little and not go up to the extent of dan's amount.

used to be on retinol and a topical antibioticfor 2 years at least. it did clear my face but i had break outs which are bad occassionally. so i decided to try out dan's regimen.

as for me my problem area is on the t - spot( forehead, chin and nose).i using bp on them totally cleared my pimples and also prevented new ones developing! i also ocassionally have some pimples on my upper cheek on both sides. these 2 areas are now 'infected' with very tiny red bumps all over my cheeks and spreaded right down to my jawline . it comes with white heads too and are a bit itchy. and no they are not inflammed jst that it is itchy and dry. now i am stopping bp application on both side and at the mean time using some sea cucumber gel to soothen the areas and hopefully cure the red bumps and white heads.

its jst that it is peculiar aint it? the t - spots are fine no red bumps or anything totally clear but only my cheeks are affected. initially, the first 4 days, i didnt experienced this red bumps allover my cheeks, it was only the dried out pimples. but on day 6 it started to multiply ! lol then it started to get itchy and red. i think it must have been to much bp applied

i'll jst have to wait for a few days , let it cool donw a bit

and start applying only on the area affected with only a minimal amount of bp. yea i'll do that .. i'll keep ya posted .. and see whether really i am allergic to bp on my cheeks only biggrin.gif hehe

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yep, that's kind of what happened to me... bad breakouts on cheeks only after using BP.

it's been day 3 since quitting BP (heh, I sound like a drug addict), and I have yet to develop another bad pimple. At first I had some whiteheads, but they're gone now. My face seems to be healing for the moment (knock on wood).

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You don't sound allergic. You'd know if you were allergic. You'd have severe swelling and crusting.

Really, it's impossible to tell anything for a month or two. Some people experience weird breakouts when they start any new acne regimen. Stick with it, be super-precise with the recommended products, and follow it strictly for 2 months. I know it's tempting to try to fix everything that comes up at the beginning by changing stuff, but I think that's a bad idea. Just stick with it.

Keep us posted.


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