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You're clearing up nicely! It looks like you only have redmarks on your face, and just a few actives on your back and chest and shoulders.

The redmarks on your face will fade with time. The scars on the back will improve with time, and you can help them out by applying a cream with EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) or copper peptides while you're on Accutane. I've read good things about Mederma, but I have not tried it. I have read that silicone sheets for scars DO really help them. Those can be found in any drug store.

Six months after Accutane, you can consider what types of scar treatments you might wish to pursue for your back, if you even want/need to.

I found that some of my scars lessened while I was on Tane.

PS. You're a nice looking youngster. Very nice looking! :) Keep that in mind and remember no one else judges the scars like you yourself do. Some people won't even notice them.

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Alright mate.

I have the exactly the same scars on my back,

shoulders and chest to.

I'm on Accutane.

Check out my gallery if you want.

I haven't got any pictures of my back, shoulders

or chest up yet though.

I'm not sure what to say to you because I

haven't treated my scars yet. I'm just letting

Accutane do it's job first. Go and see your Doctor

and he should refer you to a specialist.

I wanted to reply because It's

like looking in the mirror looking at your pictures.

Let me know if you find a good treatment.

Nice one

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I've noticed that my face heals much faster than any other part on my body. I've had several of these huge systic acne scars on my forehead and cheeks and they have almost all gone away themselves. Now my back... they dont heal very easily. I'm wondering if it has to do with my back being so white because I never take off my shirt and maybe sunlight would hide/ or make them seem less noticable.

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