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Ok I need some suggestions for covering up red marks while I wait and hope for them to go away. I still have some active acne as well. The marks are very dark, I had some nodules and cysts that lingered for over a month. Some of them are almost brown, but most are still very red. Dark red. Most of the acne cleared within the last 4 weeks or so, so they are very fresh. I imagine these scars are not going to fade for probably 6-12 months if not more :cry: . And I have a TON of them. And areas where there are clusters of a dozen large red marks all together. I try green concealer and then makeup, and sometimes normal concealer, but it just makes the area look dark instead of even toned. I mean it's better than nothing, but I was hoping for something better. Does anyone have any suggestions or particular products that they use?

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