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Can I take NO-Explode while on Accutane?

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I'm currently on my 4th month of Accutane, and I'm doing 20 mg/day. Now that I'm on summer vacation, I'm really planning on spending a lot of time in the weight room, and recently I've had a problem of just being motivated to lift. I've heard that NO-Explode works wonders for energy and intensity during lifts. Is it safe for me to take while on Accutane?

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i guess not huh?

I have no idea honestly. Probably depends. I bet some people could take it no problem while others it would not be a good idea, kinda like alcohol. Best bet is to hold off and ask your derm.

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lol, i had to sign in to reply to this message cauz i saw it last night and am suprised noone replied.. anyways, i used it throughout my entire course. i take about 2 1/2 scoops.. i used it about 3 times a week, sometimes a little less...im about a month a half post-tane, and it didn't effect me at all.. thats just from my personal experience.

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First off, I'd ask why you're taking such a worthless overpriced product as NO Explode when you could get the same effect from some arginine and a couple of caffiene pills.

But other than that, no, it won't effect you...the only thing I can think of it maybe it might make you more prone to nose bleeds. But that's just speculation.

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