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skintactix.com?? tried it?? apresia?

I ordered from skintactix. they say it's a 9month ordeal for total results. Their website shows some good results pictures. Any one have any stories to follow up on this?


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i just got my order about 6 days ago and have been using it exactly like the instructions. it smells great and it's not overly drying. i used to use Botchla's regimen but that made my skin crack even though i have very oily skin. must be the weather or something. but i don't think it takes an entire 9 months to treat acne or at least i hope not. the company is pretty prompt with answering e-mails so you can contact them. anyway, i'll post what they have written to my questions so far:

The pH of the Glycolic Cleanser and Glycolic Gel are each in the 3.3 - 3.6 range. Our Glycolic Gel contains glycolic acid (water soluble) and salicylic acid (oil soluble) so the best method of keeping these ingredients together and in suspension is with alcohol, combined with water.

Accutane is successful in about 95% of cases, nonetheless, we have customers who have not had success with Accutane but have had success with our products. We all have slightly different chemistry so this is not unusual.

The skin is at the end of the food line and may not get the best benefit from supplements. Direct application of very absorbable ingredients can be quicker and more effective in some cases.

The girl in the photographs didn't use any other form of treatment while she was using the system. She had been to three dermatologists previously without success.

The salicylic acid content of our products is two-tenths of one percent (0.02%) or less. This is enough to provide bacterial control but not cause irritation or dehydration. The Apresia products are not overly drying like so many of the acne products on the market.

We sell our products under the Apresia label to consumers on the Internet. We sell our products under the BiON label to skin care professionals. Murad used to be sold to skin care professionals but there isn't much professional interest in the Murad product these days.

hope this helps! keep me posted on your progress since it seems we are the only two people on this board to have tried these products.

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