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Tazorac users..what is your morning skin care routine?

I've been using a 2.5% BP lotion during the day but the combination of that and Taz makes my face so flaky. I then tried using gentle, non medicated products in the morning and my face freaks out without the BP. I thought Tazorac was strong enough by itself? Just wondering what everyone else uses in the morning. Thanks so much.

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Ok so if anyone has read my posts, I'm a big fan of the Tazorac cream.

Here is my routine:

Morning: (100mg Doryx)

Wash w/ Aveno Clear Complexion foaming cleanser

Scrub gently in shower w/ Swiss Appricot acne formula

Clean and Clear shine free moisturizer

Apply makeup

After work:

Wash w/ purpose bar or anything that gets all the makeup off

Apply DDF Glycolic toner 10%

Before Bed: (100 mg Doryx)

Wash w/ Aveno Cleanser

Apply Tazorac cream mixed with Cetaphil moisturizer (half and half)

I just want to clarify that there is no need to go out and buy all these products. Before I started using Taz I used all these products & Doryx and I still had bad acne. It wasn't unitl I included Taz in my routine that I noticed a difference. For the first time in months I don't have tons of zits popping up all over my face. No dryness, my skin is soft because of the Swiss scrub & glycolic toner. I really hope my progress continues.

P.S. I have been on Taz for exactly one month now.

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Thanks for the replies... so I guess you all believe simplier is better

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