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El Sol

Need help?! (B5 related, All B5 users help!)

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Ok so I was reading abou the B5 and I got excited and it all finally made sense. So I ordered B5 from the vitaminshoppe.com and it's on it's way but I need a question answered. I know it works for acne vulgaris but would it also work for cystic acne? Oh and can you give me an example of cystic acne like maybe a pic from the internet or something to see what cystic acne is? And what other vitamins are reccomended to take in conjunction with B5 for the best possible complexion? I truly appreciate you guys, and gals, reading this and giving me your feedback. Thanks biggrin.gif

Please give your feedback and answers [-o<

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im not to sure about cystic acne because i currently dont have it i believe it would work for cystic acne i mean its still a type of acne right lol

o and i take zinc with b5 90mg of zinc and 7grams of b5 and i am clear =)

zinc has helped me with the red marks and left over scars its really working nicely

i also eat lots of fruits and veggies to boost up all other vitamins and i cut dairy and suger out of my diet

just remember keep it up


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hm, i don't have cystic acne either, but i don't see why it wouldn't work for it. i would recommend the B5/zinc powder from www.acnemiracle.com, over B5 (pantothentic acid) pills, though. i started off on B5 pills then switched to the powder and it seems to work better than the pills did.

and about the the other things you should take along with the B5, take a multivitamin and a B-Complex pill everyday. the multivitamin is common sense and the B-Complex is to avoid dificiencies of other B vitamins, since you are going to be taking high doses of B5.

also while on B5 try to not eat any foods with high saturated fat levels because that will act against the B5.

here is a good list of what you should and should not eat while on B5:


good luck! biggrin.gif

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Aw I love B5. Never have I seen something work for me like this. Two weeks. No new bumps.....b5 + stridex day and night=clear skin 4 me

the stridex is great cuz its a gel, not a cream. works great. and Im thinking about adding b complex to my regimen.

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