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I am recovering from a case of severe cyctic acne and I'm now left with plenty of scars, uneven skin tone, and a few minor pimples. I was searching the internet and came across this product called BioSkinCare. It mainly consists of snail slime and is supposed to help heal damaged skin and treat acne and help your overall complexion. I am just looking for some feedback if anyone has used this product to help me decide wether to buy it or not. My main concern is healing the scarring.

Any opinion would help a lot.


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Are you talking about the snail cream?

I used that about 6 years ago. I think they said in 2 weeks you'd notice a difference. I think I noticed a small difference; or maybe it was all in my head (it's that sort of thing).

Anyway, it didn't work like it promised. I'd still be using it if it did.

Let's face it bro. I don't know about you, but my skin was wicked. Best route is to pay the $100 for a dermatologist, cuz aint no snail in a jar gonna help much.

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I discovered that cream last summer and it has worked for me.

Maybe you should try the Microdermabrasion Cream from starlet

I tried and my scar have been improve a lot about 30%. I also try their blemish gel too and I like it. I dab it at night and most of the time my pimple gone by morning, but I don't have a lot of pimple just one or two.

The microdemabrasion cream I got it from here


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