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My Doxycycline Log

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I have been battling cystic acne since the age of 15 and recently discoverd doxycycline cleared me 100% the 3 weeks I was on it for other medical reasons. Note - I ran a 6 month cycle of accutane at 16 years old with not good results and bad bad sides affects. So here is it is 150mgs of doxy a day ...2 in the morning and 1 at night

* week prior to medication I had a cyst on my cheek and on the back of my neck

Day 1 5//07 %100 clear

Day 2 6/1/07 %100 clear

Day 3 6/2/07 ( small white head on chin )

Day 4 6/3/07 %100 clear

Day 5 6/4/07 %100 clear

Day6 6/5/07 %100 clear

Day7 6/6/07 %100 clear

Day8 6/7/07 %100 clear

Day 9 6/8/07 %100 clear

day 10 6/9/07 %100 clear

Day 11 6/10/07 %100 clear

Day 11 6/11/07 %100 clear

Day 12 6/12/07 %100 clear

Day 13 6/13/07 %100 clear

Day 14 6/14/07 %100 clear

Day 15 6/15/07 (Small pimple on side of neck) (very tiny pimple near nose)

Day 16 6/16/07 %100 clear

Day 17 6/17/07 (small pimple on back of neck)

Day 18 6/18/07 clear

Day 19 6/19/07 clear

Day 20 6/20/07 clear

Day 21 6/21/07 clear

Day 22 6/22/07 clear

Day 23 6/23/07 clear

Day 24 6/24/07 ( small white head above lips almost not visable )

***** NOTE ****** The medication seems to be stoping my normal acne dead in its tracks. Whenver I get a Pimple it dies off before it has a chance to peek. Still no Cystic acne since Day 1. On average I would say I developed 10-14 full size cysts in a 6 month period. So with almost being a month cyst free I am really in heaven now. I hope it lasts

Day 25 6/25/07 Clear

Day 26 6/26/07 Clear

Day 27 6/27/07 Clear

Day 28 6/28/07 :::CYST:: Back of earlobe - :snooty:

Day 29 6/29/07 Clear

Day 30 6/30/07 Clear

Day 31 7/1/07 Clear

Day 32 7/2/07 Clear

Day 33 7/3/07 Clear 6/28 - 7/01 I had a series of small white heads on the back of my neck

Day 34 7/4/07 Clear

Day 35 7/5/07 Clear

Day 36 7/6/07 Clear

Day 37

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Hello man,

Im oliver and i have been on doxycycline capsules for 2 months now, i have only seen a small improvement, however, its taken all the redness out of my skin, the spots that were under the skin that was making it red has all gone. I would say, about 6 months you should start to see a difference and be happy. I cant take tablets,but i open it up and take it with liquid. Either way, its getting in the system.

Anymore help, feel free to add me on msn..

[email protected]

some questions that i would like to ask are: How long should they start taking a better effect and how clear can your acne become with these anti biotcis? please help..

Best of luck to all !

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