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85% lactic acid

This is a post I got from another board, thought fans of lactic acid might be interested.

You can go to http://loganwoodskincare.com

to get a one-ounce 85% lactic acid for $25. The product is not listed on the site, but if you click on "contact us", it will lead you to a page where you can get a 1-800 number to call, or fill out a question form and send it to them. They respond very quickly.

I searched the net and came across this website. I have the acid and it works pretty darn good! I used it twice weekly for 4wks and my skin has evened out considerably.

They sell glycolic and tcas too.

Let me tell you, the 85% doesn't so much sting or burn. But it ITCHES like crazy. I literally have to sit in front of a fan during the process, because you feel like if you don't scratch your skin real soon, you will flip you lid.

I initially used it twice weekly as suggested. I did this for the first month. My skintone has brightened/lightened quite noticeably. I leave it on my face for 5-7minutes. After this, I use the neutralizer that comes with it, and rinse my face with tepid water.

Lactic acid does not give the adverse reactions that glycolic does. Glycolic can leave you with bumps on your face, due to the skin being irritated. I'm grateful the lactic doesn't burn or sting, but the "itch" can be maddening sometimes. In any case, I endure it because it has improved my skin considerably.

You know that old saying, 'you don't get something for nothing'. Lactic acid will impart you with a beautiful complexion. However, the price to be paid is that infamous "itch". But Sally it is so worth it. If you ever try the 85%, you will know what I mean.

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I would... but I've still got loads of 55% Lactic to go through!

Loganwood are a good supplier though - very reliable from past experiences.

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