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Definately clear now. My Regimen, will help you.

First off, ive been battling this stuff for forever, almost a year now. I had it extremely bad back in the winter, and now that im out in the sun and skimming at the beach ( salt water ) ive cleared up amazingly.

First off, I had cysts and whiteheads and red spots everywhere on my back, atleast 10 new ones a week, i couldnt keep them down. I tried everything from Panoxyl to Head and Shoulders to nothing at all.

Now, what I use is just a plain bar of soap with lotion in it, a back brush ( works wonders ) then out of the shower, i use Sacilyc acid pads with aloe vera in them. I also go to the beach almost everyday, and im in the salt water and in the sun.

Things you need.

Back Brush

Sacilyc Acid pads for sensitive skin w/ Aloe Vera

Bar of soap with some kind of lotion made into it.

Im 99 percent clear now, maybe one pimple here and there on my back every week or so, and they are just the really tiny whiteheads. Im so glad I got clear by summer.

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Im back again, still going strong. One pimple here and there.

Also been at the beach, ALOT. I mean I live here, might as well go to it. The tan has came and you cant even tell ive had bacne before.

Im using some kind of soap Called Lever 3000. Still using the back brush and still using the SA 2% here and there. 99% Clear.

My mom even said wow, you wouldnt even have known you had that stuff on your back unless you saw it before.

Give it a try, go back to the basics with just soap and a scrubber. Thats what I did, and it works great

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Glad it works for you, but remember that any time you tan...that's sun damage. Future wrinkling, skin cancer and a host of other problems. I am 40 and I am now working on getting rid of the damage I gave myself in my 20s as a devoted sun worshipper.

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