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rayodeluz's accutane journey

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Day 33

Back again. I haven't been around much cuz I've been trying to get everything organized to leave and going to some parties. I wasn't drinking at all, but at a few parties I had a couple beers plus some random liquor that others were drinking. Hangover the first day, none the second. But unfortunately I got pretty drunk on Friday, huge hangover the next day and my joints hurt like hell. I'm not going to anymore though, I don't want pancreatitis that badly.

Face-wise I'm doing well. A few tiny spots, the whiteheads/blackheads are still purging themselves, and only one moderate sized pimple. Still no IB, which is suprising because I've also just ended birth control pills. Knock on wood.

I never got the prescription hydroquinone because it was $60. Not worth it. But I did get some OTC hydroquione, from a company called Clear Essence, which is geared towards people of color with hyperpigmentation and such. I got the Advanced Complex Fade Gel w/ sunscreen. Hopefully it'll work. If it does, they also have it with AHA so maybe I'll try that when I get back if I need it. One of the most recent marks seems to have faded very well compared to older marks. Maybe the trick is to start treating it with stuff immediately and it won't get as dark in the beginning.

iPledge really sucks. In the brochure it says you can get your prescription after 23 days have passed from picking up the last one. So I made my derm appts. to match that, so I could get all my pills before I leave. But they lied. It's really 30 days, no exception. So now my mom is going to have to mail me my pills. Oh well. I'll still have enough by the time they get to me. I wish we could sue them for false statements or something. Not that it affects me a ton, but it affects other people, and I would totally sue the FDA for this damn program.

That's about it I think. Hope everyone is doing well.

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Hey girl! Looks like youre doing pretty good =) I know, iPledge is annoying! I thought I could fill my prescription too but I have to wait til Wednesday..Oh well I guess, at least we got the appointment on time right? I hope you continue with your progess =)

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Hey all,

I don't even know what day it is now, but I started June 29 so it's been a little over two months. My tane has been going absolutely great, I haven't had a pimple in over about a month now. It is so amazing. I hope this lasts after I finish the course...I might try to get some tane here just in case I need it later, so I don't have to deal with iPledge.

My dark spots are still around, but fading more and more.

I'm in Chile for 3 more months and won't be updating much, but I'll post a final pic when I get back. I've decided to stop drinking, because for me, partying and bars mean more than one drink, which means my poor liver suffers way too much, way too often...I wasn't going to get any blood tests while here because my other ones were perfect, but my diet here is much different, so I might get one soon just to be sure I'm all good.

On a side note, does anyone know if piercings/tattoos are OK to get while on tane? It's so much cheaper here but I don't want to mess my skin up a ton since it's so fragile.

Sorry I haven't kept up with other people's logs. I'll do a big acne.org sesh when I get back. Hope you're all well.

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After 2 years, back to tane :wall:

There are probably a lot of new people on here now. I went on tane 2 years ago and the results were great...for a little while...now things are back to the way they were, and I think I'm going to go on it again, while I still have my parents' insurance for one more year. Last time I was on it for only four months, so this time hopefully it will be a little lower dose, for a couple more months. I have to wait until December to see my derm, and will be continuing my trial with Finacea until then. It helps, but I haven't seen much fading of the hyperpigmentation.

I have moderate acne, which isn't as bad as it used to be, but my big problem is hyperpigmentation. I'm hoping this second round of tane will clear it up again, and then I can be really really sure to use Finacea at the slightest hint of an outbreak. I'm 23 now, so hopefully things will be clear soon anyway...

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