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Hi guys, i just bought "aloe vera" liquid 99.2 %

(ingredients: 99.2 of aloe vera,vegetable gum,cranberry extract, lemon juice,ascorbic acid (vitamin c )

now i was wondering is this safe to put on my face to help clear up my blemishes due to prior acne.

Also i have been on medication for my acne, i am currently taking "DOXYCIN 100m capsules" and a gel called "CLINDOXYL GEL" (clindamycin 1% and benzoyl peroxide 5% ).

it's well into the beginning of my 3rd week of takiing these meds and it seems to be working..but i am still getting these tiny pimples around my chin line...

I find that the BP is working but still drying my skin making more pimples to come out....

or is that just the meds taking course...?

my face looks the best once i wake in the mornings ..my pimples seem to be gone..but once i apply my BP..and then i look in the mirro at night i my face is not the same when i saw it in th emorning..i see more pimples....strange ?

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I would suggest that you didn't use BP with the clindoxyl gel. Clindoxyl has 5% BP in it already, so you don't need to add anymore. Right now I am using Clindoxyl Gel, and my doctor has told me hundreds of times, including, from my own experience, not to use them together. Essentially, you are going to burn your face, which will leave scars. I am a result of doing this, and now that I have cut BP out, my complexion has changed drastically. Just a suggestion. You can do the regime the exact same, just substitute the clindoxyl for the BP.

smile.gif hope this helps!!!!

ps- if you experience any dryness, like I did, just a word to the wise. Use Aveeno skin brightening daily moisturizer (SPF 15). It soaks into your skin amazingly!!! I have used other moisturizers that didn't work well with the clindoxyl, they clumped up. Make sure you rub the clindoxyl slowly, and gently, so that it soaks in, and doesn't just dry out and leave an invisible film on your face. After about 5 minutes add this cream. This cream helps with scarring (which I currently have), and even's out the texture of your skin.

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