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david n

I just needed to tell someone...

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I just wanted to tell someone that acne is ruining my life. This post means nothing, but somehow letting some strangers know that it is ruining my life gives me a sense of ease for just a minute.

I am so depressed.

Thanks for reading. I know it's pathetic that I let acne dictate my life...but it does.

Good luck to everyone. I'm still searching.

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I know this is the common and unbearably cliche answer, but I know how you feel. I started getting acne far before most of my classmates and had a hard time in elementary school because of it. My self-confidence took a real hit.

Please don't hesitate to seek help from your fellow acne sufferers. You are not alone in this.

I know it's easy to let acne rule your life, but there's so much more to living than how your skin looks. I'm not giving advice from a high horse here-- I'm just as guilty of staying in the house when my skin isn't so hot-- but over time I've found that if I don't care that I have a particularly bad pimple, a lot of other people don't either. Your true friends are the ones who can look past the outside.

Acne is not easy to deal with. It makes things a lot harder than they should be. You have every right to feel depressed. But you owe it to yourself to have some fun.

Remember, the wonderful people here are amazing at giving support. :)

Best of luck.

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