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Any good on-the-spot treatment?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Retin-A - depending on the level of potency, that should dry them up well. It's worked for me in the past anyway.

Biore Blemish Double Agent - salicylic acid. Works best for dealing with red spots, but it's rather expensive--something like $7/tube, and I don't see it in stores anymore, meaning you'll have to order it.

Neutragena Acne Mask/Clear Pore whatever - I've had the same problem with this as others on here, but they say it works really for on-the-spot.

Other than, there was some benzoyl peroxide stuff, I think, that a dermatologist prescribed to me a year ago. Worked really well.

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If you're just looking for a spot treatment rather than putting an acne medication on the entire face, I would hightly suggest Equate 10% BPO (Wal-Mart's Brand) or Clean and Clear 5% BP0.

Remember if you spot treat, put the medication on and around the pimple.

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:-k Yea does anyone know any good on the spot treatment? Is the Neutrogena On the spot a good acne medication? My skin is clear with the exception of one HUGE and embarresing zit right on the side of my nose...my girlfriend is coming in 3 weeks and i want to get rid of it! Any suggestions?! Help!

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arite, so neutrogena seems to be the winner...i'm using Clean and Clear Benezol Peroxyde and its makin the pimple go away but the redness is lingering...any way to get rid of that?! help! I only have 14 days!

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