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What consists of dermal grease? It is the complex intermixture from different materials similar to grease - lipids. The composition of dermal grease includes glycerides (more than 40 %), the free fatty acids (16 %), Aethers of wax (up to 25 %), squalene (12 %) and a cholesterin. Triglycerides of dermal grease mold up to the free fatty acids bacteria. Some of them form the volatile fatty acids, attaching has begun to smell to a leather. Dermal grease has no of odour.

On a surface of a leather grease is a part of a so-called protective mantle - a stratum formed by a secret of glands of a leather, its microflora and exfoliated corny scales. Because of acid medium on a surface of a leather (pH 4-5,5) it name also «an acidic mantle».

Dermal grease carries out some functions. It interferes with leakage of water and insiccation of a leather, protects from a fault acidic or an alkaline condition, interferes with a heading of bacteria. A mantle - the first protective barrier of a leather solving its many problems. Dermal grease is a natural care of a leather without which she would become dry, inclined to faults and flaws.

One of fatty acids of dermal grease, linoleic acid kills activity of the ferments participating during a keratinization of crates of a leather.

Dermal glands start to work for a nucleus, under activity of parent and natural hormones. The child is environed by caseous or waxy lubrication (lat. vernix caseosa). In the first 3-6 months after a birth a composition of dermal grease at the baby almost same, as well as at the adult. Then, up to 8-years age, in its composition becomes less wax and squalene, but it is more than cholesterin. During puberty production of dermal grease goes much more actively, being incremented almost to 5 times at men. At women of grease it is produced a little bit less, more appreciable decrease descends with the years - especially during a menopause.

Some diseases and the states related with endocrine systemic and hormones, can result in to pinch or decrease of production of dermal grease. The same effect is yielded also with some medicinal preparations.

Changes of a composition of dermal grease also can contribute to evolution of acnes - in particular, a deficiency of a linoleic acid. The increased content of grease result ins to change of a composition of lipids on a surface of a leather, to decrease of quantity of a linoleic acid - that can promote the reinforced keratinization in a follicle and its blockage.

The state at which production of grease and greasiness of a leather is appreciablly incremented, is called as a seborrhea.

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