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new pal on board! please answer this guys

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Hello, i'd just like to introduce myself. My name is Lia. I'm 19 years old from the US and I had always gotten acne. My acne became more severe in the past 2 years and about 2 months ago I noticed maybe 5 shallow icepick scars(i think?) and 5-6 boxcar scars(i think?) on my cheeks.....I also have a few small boxcar scars on the side of my chin...while the scarring is not yet severe(most people think I look fine!) I would like to do something about these scars so I do not end up like my father and mother who are both beautiful but facially scarred from acne. I would like to thank you all for your great insight. I took for granted my clear unscarred skin before and I am hoping that this devestating situation will only make me stronger. I know have a different outlook on life. Having scars is emotionally damaging but like anything else, I will try my best to solve this problem! Anyway, I am going to my first derm appt on tues. and I'm hoping that he will suggest dermabrasion, laser...anything? Well, thank you for your time, and I hope to talk to you guys sooner or later! Be strong!!!!!!!! smile.gif

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I think the first most important thing to do is get your acne under control if it isn't already. Otherwise you will start to scar more over the coming months and years. If you have active acne, this rules out most laser resurfacing procedures.

You might be a good canditate for smoothbeam laser, which treats both acne and stimulates collagen growth to treat acne scarring. It's non-ablative so there isn't any downtime. I think that NLite works along similar lines.

The Erbium YAG laser works for light scarring and darker skin types while the CO2 laser works for deeper scarring but is restricted to lighter skin. I'm not sure how common dermabrasion is anymore these days.

I have type IV skin. I did an Erbium peel last April. Noticed mild results. My acne started coming back slowly over the past few months so I'm doing smoothbeam right now to help with the rest of the minor scarring and treat my acne.

Keep in mind that most derms or cosmetic centers will only recommend treatments they actively use or have. The derm. I saw in April was great, but they did not have the smoothbeam laser and so she recommended an Erbium peel. So shop around before you decide.

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Don't go for lasers or dermabrasion,i had co2 and dermabrasion done for my deep scars but it did little help to improve my acne scars.

Co2 did not help my deep scars,i would say it may help shallow scarring, dermabrasion the same.

It sounds that you havn't much scarring so i would try tropical treatments first then try acid peels,like glycolic peels or tca peels which are stronger.

Leave co2,dermabrasion and roaccatane alone as it does something to your skin which makes tropical treatments not work for a number of years until your skin as gone back to it's natural condition,as i found out.

Im on obagi protocols(as tca acid in this product) at the moment which i put on twice a day and it is working wonders for my deep scars,i would say for all the named scars,even ice pick ones but it is a slow process. Please understand that all treatments work differently for everyone,what works for me may not work for you.

Good luck

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