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DAY 82/83/84

Ok so I ended up falling asleep really early.. and missed my dose COMPLETELY. So I took it at a wierd time.. then my next at a wierd time.. then todays at a wierd time. Tomorrow I will be ON TRACK. So don't worry. I never wanna miss a dose like that ever again. I might have even taken too many. Ugh whatever.

DERM appt. tomorrow..erm.. today because its 1:49 am today. Im going to be up all night because I dont really want to sleep.

So my skin looks fine. Im great.

SCHOOL IS STARTING SOON FOR ME :boohoo::snooty::cry: Which really sucks. Everyone at my school can DIE.

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DAY 85

Skin looks acceptable today. Didn't get much sleep, so maybe thats why.

My derm told me that I will be going on TWO MORE booklets of Accutane. Wow. Im almost done my 3rd one.. I thought my 4th one would be it. But looks like for the first two months of school I will still be on Accutane.

AND ALSO. Accutane is FUCKING UP my cholesterol... I don't have a cholesterol problem..I guess thats what you have to go through when on Accutane. So aside from my ALREADY healthy diet..I will have to eat EVEN healthier. Thanks a lot Accutane.

But no worries. Hopefully I will be DONE with amazing skin after Accutane.

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hey i read your whole log, congratulations. i just started yesterday on 40mg/day. is it recommended to take the dose at the same time each day or does it matter.. thanks.

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Thanks for stopping by!

And yes.. IT IS BEST to take your medication at the same time EVERYDAY. It works best that way. Usually take it when you have your biggest meal. Dinner. It worked best with food. But its okay if you sometimes take it earlier or later. But its best to have somewhat of a regimen.

I also just wanted to add that MY FACE UIS RAW BURNING RED. WTF?!??!?!!?

Official update later.

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hey. that's weird that your skin is weird especially on day 86. i was wondering im a 21 m and weigh 150lbs. my derm put me on 40mg once a day. do you think that is a low dose for me?

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I'm a little curious about dosage also! Looks like you are the designated "go-to" person! I am a female 140 lbs. My Dr. and I have not discussed dosage amount and I was hoping to go in with some knowledge. So if you could provide any insight I'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

PS: I agree with you! Acne is soooo lame!

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Thansk for stopping by! Both of ya! :dance:

Im pretty sure that 40mg a day would be great for both of you. Im no derm but 40 mg sounds like it would be good. I havn't experienced any severe side effects.. other than my cholestorol going up (which will be gone when Im off of it) and dryness. But other than that. Nothing.

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DAY 87

Skin looks pretty good. It looks really good, so I took some pictures with my digital camera. I love what I see now. This is great. Just in time for school. My school starts a week early.

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DAY 88/89

I actually slept without doing anything to my skin, I was just too darn lazy.. and my skin looked even better the next day. I guess it did need time to just NOT have any products working on it. It needed a "vacation" if you wanna put it that way.

I HATE that school starts on Tuesday, but atleast Im walking in with clear skin.

My skin still flare sup disgustingly with redness from time to time. I hate it.. but what ya gonna do? This whole acne expericne ruined my face for good probably. It will be pale and red forever. Doubt it will ever tan and be even like it used to be.

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Hey!hope ur doin good....I agree with you that sometimes the skin just wants to be left alone!for the last 2 days Ive stopped putting anything on my skin...except a cleanser and my skin feels great!Hope we remain acne free forever!Cheers!

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DAY 90/91/92/93/94&95

Sorry I havv't updated in a while. I have been busy. School has started. EWW. Oh well...since my skin is great I have nothing extra to worry about other than just school work so thats good! Everyone at my school are such LOSERS. LOL. They know it too. Do you guys know HOW many people I shut up and put in their places already? Its only been 3 days too. This is GREAT.

My skin looks good. Good amount of red flare ups. Even in class. But nobody really thought it looked bad. I was even asking "Do I look red?" and they answered "Yeah, but you just look like you sat out in the sun or something.. lookin' good"..it would also go away so wooo hooo~ :dance:



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DAY 96/97/98/99 AND 100

WOW. 100 days on Accutane.. where does the time go.

My skin looks good, so many annoying spots from previous acne.. but my skin is SOOOOOOO low maintenance and its lookin' great! Im so happy. It now takes me like.. 15-20 minutes in the morning to get ready. :) Getting ready is fun now.

However... my skin seems to flare up in redness REALLLYYYY badly. And really frequently. I hope this stops when Im off Accutane. I still have some ways to go.. but Im happy. School is okay too.. it flares up a lot though in redness. But that goes away in a bit so Im okay.

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hey good to hear you're doing well. i'm about 3 weeks in and my skin is improving i think (not as oily). I'm starting to get slight headaches and am wondering if they will go away or not. thanks.

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:dance: Thanks for stopping by! You're skin will continue to improve as weeks go on..

And to that person who's face is getting more red.. it will get worse but then a bit better.. also.. your regimen is too harsh for Accutane. Accutane does ALLLLLLL the work for you. Just wash gently with water and MOISTURIZE.

DAY 103/104/105/106 & 107

Face still gets red but it is a bit better. No flare ups today! :dance: That may be because I skipped period 1 and slept in. Who knows...maybe today was just a good day? Skin-wise.

Just spots bother me.. but not as much. I am also noticing that my nose has a tiny bit of oil. Still not enough to need oil-sheets. So I am okay! I think I might eb getting redmarks from the 4 pimples that came up on my back. Oh well. Whatever. I need to enjoy my skin right now.. its the best it has looked in a while.

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Hey there! :) Yes I am still on 40 mg a day, my derm thought that it would be best to stay where I am with my dose. :dance:

Sorry for the late compact updates, Im so busy with school everyone.

DAY 108 to 117

I have had NO breakouts at all. This is great! My skin looks AMAZING. Even better than most peoples in general. THANK YOU ACCUTANE. I have been going out and I love not having to worry about my skin.

My skin, scalp, and lips are SOOOO dry you will not believe. Wow. But that is managable. With some good MOISTURIZER. :) And Blistex for my lips. :)

My skin is SOO low maintenance now. I don't even need to wash my face in the morning.. just start moisturzing, Vichy Concealer Stick, blistex for lips.. AND GO. 15 minutes and Im done. Shower at night. GOOD.

Also.. last 2 days I had some REALLY bad nosebleeds. Must be the Accutane. Im talking GUSHING blood. But all is well.

A couple days ago was my first time getting drunk while Im Accutane. I got a REALLY bad stomach ache too, not sure if that was because of the Accutane.. but I had FUN. LOTS OF FUN. Got home late and just fell asleep without doing anything hehe. Im not drinking out again until Im off this stuff.

So everything is :dance: in general. I just need to kill like 90% of people at my highschool. :) Because they are losers. :)

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I really apologize for slacking over here, Im not promising frequent updating because I have so much going on right now with school and life. Im very happy and I couldn't be more thankful right now.

DAY 118 to 125

So basically my skin is SOOO low maintenance. Im so happy that is looks GREAT right now. It takes me only 15 mins to get ready and Im a lot more social and confident. I own a room.

Im sorry I don't have a lot to say, but this is my last month on Accutane and things are going really good.. not much else t say.

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DAY 126-130

Same deal. And also... my red marks and scars are fading and are almost gone. Im so glad my skin is so low-maintenance. Im actually waking up and getting ready at 7:50 am on most days.. and my school starts at 8:20! Im so glad I went on Accutane.

Redness isn't so bad, very minimal.

I have completely stopped washing in the morning, its too harsh and I light scrub every night in the shower so there is no need to wash in the morning.

When Im off Accutane Im going to do a body cleanse and going to start working out more and all that. Accutane makes you so tired sometimes its hard to do that.

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DAY 131-135

Not sure if anyone even reads this anymore, but hopefully there are still some of you out there that still check in from time to time. Just wanna say thanks for following me along on this little Accutane journey. Accutane is doing AMAZING things for me right now, and I hope my skin stays amazing.

Alright so after 135 Im going to list what side effects I have NOW..


-Slightly dry scalp

-Red face when I laugh or get too warm for a long period of time (flare ups have stoppef for me, but the redness goes away really quickly

-HIGH cholesterol (will go back down to normal when Im off of Accutane because Im really heatlhy... will have to see that)

-Fatigue? Not sure.

-Some mood swings here and there

And I can't stress enough how amazing my skin looks, its so unreal to look at myself and see a perfect face... honestly if Accutane won't cause any harm to you then I seriously reccomend it.

And It takes me 15 mins for less to get ready in the morning!

My regimen:


-dont wash face because its too harsh (plus I clean AMAZINGLY at night)

-Use Aveeno moisturizer on face (except nose and chin) takes me less than 30 seconds because I can go fast and not worry about it getting anywhere it shouldnt on my face

-contacts, etcs

-Vichy Concealer stick

-Lip Balm

^Usually takes me 15 mins at the most


-Shower, shampoo with Head&Shoulders

-Brush Teeth, etc

-Dove Body Wash with 1/4 moisturizer in it

-Take a body scrub mit (its so soft and gentle) and gently massage face

^Thats basically it.

And I can actually sleep comfortably and not worry about my face touching the pillow.

I HAVE 15 DAYS LEFT! Wish me luck! I seriously hope this is the only course of Accutane I need to take.

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Hey!I think ppl do check in on ur log.....great to know ur makin such amazing progress..Accutane has done wonders for me too!Im on day 103 and my acne has totally gone n my skin is absolutely so low maintenance....cleanser is all I use!The drug is seriously amazing..the side effects hardly reallly make a difference compared to the benefits!just worried if the acne's gonna come back after the course is over*fingers crossed* :pray: hope the acne has gone forever!

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I sure hope we do stay clear after Accutane!

DAY 136/137

These past few days have been good! Skin-wise only though! Today I just woke up and din't even do anything. I love this! 13 more days on Accutane! I sure hope my skin gets less sensitive and no irritation... but still stay clear and low maintenance enough! I sure don't want to get oily again! That was horrible... Im keeping my head up and Im going to enjoy this.

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