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Alright now I've been trying to cure my acne naturally for around 2-3 years. I have yet to really get it under control. I have candida which I blame for it but who knows really. I have attempted the candida diet for 2 months before I gave up. I did see improvement on my skin. But no where near cured. I'm not in a bad time and have been having bad breakouts daily. I'm having a hard time believing I can heal myself at this point. I'm really debating on just taking the pill. Accutane. I just made an appointment with a dermatologist that offered me it a year ago. Wish I took it then at this point.

Anyways I'm moving out of my house and moving up to college September first. I don't have an appointment till June 20th. How bad of shape will I be in 2 months into accutane? Should I do it? Should I go another route with filling removal with many liver flushes?

I really want to enjoy my time up at school. I have extreme social problems because of my acne and really will not survive at my new school with it.

Going into my 3rd year of college transferring from community college bty

What should I do?

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Go for it. If it's causing you social problems, get on the tane. After two months you will be seeing quite a lot of improvements in most cases, and I HIGHLY recommend taking accutane in the summer rather than the winter because of the problems with dryness on your skin. My initial month or so was pretty bad from dryness, but by now (almost 2 months) I'm fairly normal, plus my skin is almost completely clear.

Good luck!

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Take it. The bad effects of accutane are EXTREMELY exaggerated, and almost everyone who takes it will agree. The liver flushes aren't necessary. As you probably know, you'll get blood tests every month and those will detect any problem long before it causes damage.

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