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Brand New Approach. Stopping all BP and Drying Lotions.

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Hello everyone. I did a lot of research today as my acne has reached an all time high :confused: . I am EXTREMELY self conscious and want to see if lifestyle changes will help my situation.

Here is my new plan.

- Take 100 mg Zinc Gluconate per day

- Take 600 mg Fish Oil (Omega 3 Fatty Acids) per day.

- Eat healthy fruits and vegetables (mainly carrots, broccoli, and oranges)

- "Soak" face in hot water in morning and night

- Before bed, apply Vitamin E Face Lotion mixed with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil, and work in well.

Hopefully this will clear up my skin shortly, and for the next week I will keep you all posted on what happens!

- Also, for those of you with really oily skin like me, I have found that using Kosher Salt as a face scrub each night and morning helps to dry out the skin gently/naturally as well as improve texture (VERY SOFT!), and decrease breakouts slightly.... Just a tip.

Thanks, I'll keep you posted...

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I would say less zinc and more fish oil. Take a few grams of fish oil and take like 25-50mg of zinc. At 100mg it starts getting dangerous. If you feel that you need 100 mg, at least ramp up slowly to it so you don't overshock your system and get sick.

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I used to have oily skin myself. Mostly because I used commercials products which just dried out my skin and made it more oily.

I have a suggestion for you. Try using natural things like honey and oatmeal for face scrubs. Don't use soap at all, it just gets rid of all the oil and causes your skin to produce even more of it. A great scrub is mixing some ground oatmeal (in a coffee grinder) with some honey. Use raw honey because it's unprocessed and has a lot of nutrients that your skin will absorb. Also you can use straight honey as just a mask, keep it on for 15-20 minutes. Works great to get rid of redness, especially after a scrub. Now this next part might sound crazy, but after you cleanse your face, don't use lotion but oil instead. Jojoba and coconut oils are great for this. Use just enough so your skin doesn't feel tight or dry. Massage it in well, and your face won't look oily at all. Just don't use too much. I actually only wash my face once a day at night. So after a scrub, honey mask, and oil I head to bed and wake up with very soft skin. Not oily at all. :)

I know it seems like you should be getting rid of all the oil, instead of putting more on your face... but I think if you don't dry your skin out it doesn't produce more oil than needed. Good luck and hope this helps if you decide to try it!

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