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I finish Accutane todayyyyyyyyyyy thank god, its been such a ride, of moods, hardly any clearing up and so incredibly bad hair days due to dry dry hair (lol)

Anyway currently I m not breaking out but I have red marks on my cheeks, I hope will fade as I never had very bad acne.

I would like to thank all the people that helped me on this forum.

and I hope I helped them.

I am annoyed my previous account (cheekycritter) the first one got suspended for no reason.

The only reason it could have been suspended is because I think I upset betheredonethat one of the admins. He/she was going on about telogen effluvium and hair loss. Yes that is true it might rarely happen but I asked my derm and then posted what she said, she is a QUAILFED doctor told me that a lot of what was claimed on the forum wasnt scientifically founded and Accutane is not known for that type of hair loss. So I recon I got blocked unfairly and my accounted never restored, and I was only trying to help!! And someone didnt like it- I dont know if betheredoenthat was right or not, I just wanted to tell the forum what I was told,

(anyone else had that)

In my experience

Biotin+B Vit pill has helped so much I took them for 3 ish monthes at 2mgs if biotin a day and my hair is really thick and nice now. I stoped taking it because I believe it does effect your skin and broke out a lot while taking it then less when I stopped. But I m not claiming there is a link. But tbh not clearing up straight away and keep your hair is worth it I think.

I managed to wear contacts the whole time with no problems.

Drinking water helps so much with dryness

Omega 3 helps with exercise and aches

I was on 40mg first month, then 80mg for the last 4. I weight 160 pounds

Ask any questions you like, and answer mine about annoying admins and red marks they do go right? But please give me some feedback on this

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did u suffer any hair loss through your treatment then?

btw, beentheredonethat probably has some reason. maybe it was an accident or something? why dont u pm and ask instead of writing not very nice things when you dont actually know the reason.

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I didnt suffer hairloss as such, it got very dry so became easier to pull out if you really tried. But didnt loose much/any really

Look betheredonethat unfairly blocked me when I only wanted to help the forum. If I PM him he will probably block this account aswell. I was in a bad mood from all the extreme aches of the med yesterday. That message might have sounded harsher than i meant it mixed with the fact I havent really properly cleared yet.

The main questions of this post was did anyone clear up after stopping Accutane/marks fade in time?



it might not be him, but that means I got blocked for no reason, i helped loads of people on this forum so please understand why it is somewhat annoying to just get blocked.

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