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New Pure Demming oil -

For those who didn't get this email, I thought I would paste it so we can support Pure Demming with their new product inspired by the readers of this forum.

From: PureDeming, LLC

Date: 1/3/2004 9:07:49 AM

To: [email protected]

Subject: R-ALA Intense Gel available [puredeming]

Hi Debbie, I'm writing this note to you and CC-ing those who sent an email of interest to [email protected] You can either post part of this message, if you'd like, or not.

We have the R-ala Intense Gel ready for sale.

Ingredients: It is the same as our regular IG with 2 exceptions:

[1] it has 5% R-ala [no synthetic mix ala].

[2] Jojoba oil has been used to replace the Olive & Sunflower oils.

Natural Vitamin E oil, Jojoba, Deionized Water, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (five percent), DMAE (five percent), Vitamin C (four percent), Pomegranate Extract (one percent), Green Tree Extract, Helichrysum, Farnesol, our preservative blend [methly/propylparabens] and tiny mixture of Pure Essential oils used for scenting purposes only.

Cost We only have a 1 ounce size for now @ $28.00 plus s/h [$3.85 domestic & $5.50 Intl']. As most know the R-ala is close to 7X more expensive then the 50/50 mix.

How to Purchase Use PayPal option SEND MONEY to the email address of [email protected] selecting the FOR SERVICES option. Include the total payment [i.e [email protected]$28 plus applicable s/h] and note something in the COMMENTS so we know it's for the R-ala version

General Information We want to ensure that anyone purchasing this R-ala version of our IG understands that we are NOT promoting it as superior to our regular IG. Because of this, for now, we will not list on eBay/website and only those of you who have sent the email to us, are getting this notice. If you like it please tell your friends & family so we can continue to offer it. For the version we made containing NoC we ordered one last batch as we sell so little of it, it is not cost effective for us to carry long-term. So the more people that purchase the easier it is for us to carry longterm. As you know we are a small company in a highly-competitive market: word-of-mouth [& eBay auctions] is our only marketing tool. If, indeed, most feel it is superior to the regular IG, we will add it to our eBay store. [All this may be "jumping the gun," but by stating this now we will not need to SPAM anyone of you in a few weeks with this info, above, once we get your feedbacks! ].

Feedback we ask that you send us an email to to give us your thoughts, both the good & the bad, so we can evaluate whether this may be something we will want to carry long-term: for now this is just for those of you requesting the this version -i.e our test market :0.

We have tested it here- but will keep our results private for now, so as not to bias any of you [though that is most likely not possible smile.gif Anyway, I'm sure I have forgotten some basic stuff, but it's been a long week....Debbie, if you have questions please let me know. Thanks much for you patients and help! Deming.


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I just put in my order for the 1oz - I like the exsisting gel anyway but I guess improvements would be better - even still, I'm not sure how I will be able to judge/compare - perhaps those who had minor breakouts from the original version can post their results.

By the way, I really do love the PD Castille soap - I just ordered another 2 bars - it's very good for cleaning off makeup.

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If there is something better than the current PD gel then I am all over it, I've finished my first bottle of the current gel and the results are impressive, my scars are mostly shallow or enlarged pores but where as my skin would look very dull under certain lights (due I think to the tiny shadows cast by the pores) it now shines, this is happening both on my forehead and cheeks and I am really amazed, actually its kind of freaked me out to be honest.

Once my next bottle of the current gel runs out I will be looking at getting the new type.


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