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Please help me setup my regimen

Here's what I plan on using:

Jojoba and Emu oil

Lactic peels 55%

Pure deming Intense Gel

Pure Deming Castille soap

Mendelic acid 15%

Perfect Complexion TCA Complex

Morning--wash with pure deming castile soap

Night-- apply intense gel, wash with castile soap and apply jojoba and emu oil. will use the mendelic acid about once a week and apply it over top the jojoba and emu oil.

I will go back and forth with the lactic peels and the tca complex. i'd probably apply and switch them once a week.

Any recommendations, sorry if my regimen looks stupid but, I'm new at all of this but, like the rest of you i'm still longing for clear skin. thanks. oh yea my skin type is oily, very acne prone and some brownish and ice pick scars from accutane. reddish scars on my forehead.

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I think that all looks good except for your plan to switch weekly between the mandelic/lactic and the TCA complex. The TCA complex is VERY strong (even at 6%)and will give you incredible flakiness...I personally have found it to be more effective than either the lactic or the mandelic. If you use it in conjunction with the lactic and mandelic you will find yourself in the neverending shed. A terrible place to be!

I would recommend that you buy Julie's micro crystals and her cleanser as well instead of the lactic and the mandelic. But that's just my personal experience based on using these items.

If your skin is INCREDIBLY sensitive though, you might want to stay away from the TCA complex although I still think the micro crystals and cleanser are MUST HAVES. How long have you been off your prescription? Obi pointed out on another thread that some people might have more sensitive skin coming right off of some of these medications.

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I am not familiar enough with accutane to answer that question, but you might do a search for it and see what others who use accutane do. I do know it makes your skin more sensitive and prone to scarring if you aren't careful with what products you combine it with.

I think Tracy has said she used to use accutane...she would be a good one to PM and ask.

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