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Nose Only

Pain in my nose preceding red bumps

Hi, here's a question I haven't seen posted and I don't really know where it goes. I'll ask here because I never have it when I see my dermatologist and he doesn't know what I'm talking about...

I grew out of my acne (basically, I just use an ultra light cleanser from my dermatologist and sensetive skin lotion) but once in a blue moon, I wake up and at some point during the day, notice that when I scrunch up my nose (like squinting or saying ewwww), there's some some sort of internal pain (not too painful)

It feels like there is something underneath the skin way down there. Can't be popped but it's coming. There is very very very slight swelling in the painful area and it is a little red but it covers so much area and has such little height that you can barely notice it. It's kinda like you'd notice a small mound in the ground but not notice if a football field was 1 foot higher in the middle smoothed out to the side lines. It hurts and in bright lights is lightly noticeable. Plus, if I'm not very careful about washing, it becomes the biggest red thing ever (way bigger than a zit, but zit like and PAINFUL, with no place to pop from) anyone know what this is and/or how to treat/prevent it?

PS I wash my face once a day. I go through phases where I only wash 3 times a week (yes including showers), but my dirt is not the culprit here because I have been showering once a day for at least a month when I just got em. I am almost 100% clear otherwise. I used to get pimples but not anymore, just the nose thing, it's like an infection or something I think. Thanks for reading

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It sounds like it may be a cyst. I would schedule an appt. with your Dermatologist and ask what can be done, if anything.

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I am no doctor, but I would have your doctor swab your nose and see if you harbor staph bacteria in your nose. I think its an infection too. Maybe a course of antibiotic treatment would clear it.


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