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Can anyone rate my regimen and help me adjust it?

(Oh, this is my first post btw). I first started getting acne at age 14 (im 17 now) and up until this summer i used nothing but OTC medications which did nothing to help my acne. Then this summer i finally decided to do something wise about my acne (which i consider to be in between mild and moderate) and visited a dermatologist. I was prescribed Plexion (a cleanser containing sodium sulficetamide and sulfur),Duac Topical Gel (a gel containing clindamycin and 5% BP),Retin-A micro and Azelex. Has anyone had any experiences with any of the aforementioned items? Are they any good? When i started using these items i definitely did notice improvement (albeit with side effects such as dryness irritation,peeling,redness especially with Retin-A and azelex) but due to having a hectic schedule i rarely used them.

Now that the new year is here i vow to start a regular schedule and hopefully these products will work for me cuz they werent cheap. My regimen is:

Morning:wash my face w/plexion,put on duac gel

Evening:wash my face w/plexion,put on retin-A

weekend evenings:wash my face w/plexion,put on azelex (azelex irritates like hell the first hour or two i have it on and i dont want to go through any of that during the week. i fear it might cause me a breakout as well. but it does help in removing marks left by acne i know that)

Problems i still have though are dryness and peeling from using these products. Whats the best moisturizer or lotion i can buy to keep my face from being dry (which looks horrible on me since i have a dark complexion) but at the same time wont affect my acne (in other words non-comodegenic and non-acnegenic). another problem i have is that i have a very oily face and always carry a paper towel w/me to dab away the oil which quickly comes back. This is my most serious problem. Is there any way i can control this? my last problem is blackheads which are mostly located in my nose. with the products that i use remove them or will i have to buy yet another product. If so,whats the best blackhead remover? Sorry for the long post but ive been waiting a while to ask these questions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Can anyone help me out? I have a couple more questions anyway:

1) I read the Vitamin B5 post on the OTC board and am thinking of startting to use it since it reduces oil (something much needed for my VERY oily face). Will B5 interfere with the aforementioned products that i use?

2)Will wearing any bandanas/du-rags aggrevate acne? I have braided hair so i have to wear a du-rag (which is similar to a bandana in which its similarly wrapped around the head,covering the forehead which i fear may aggrevate my acne there) as much as possible to keep my hair in place. Will this aggrevate my acne?

Again, i would appreciate any help cuz i dont want to waste any more unnecessary money or go on with my acne for any longer. Im noe trying to be rude or anything,but i really could use help. I hope i wont be ignored... sad.gif

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Hi! I also have a dark complexion and the moisturizer I used that is also non-comodogenic is Prescriptive's Comfort Lotion. One bottle is about 37.00 but will last u a while and is worth it! Also, to control oil, you should buy Milk of Magnesia from the drug store(like philip's with no extra flavoring). Put a layer of this on a cleansed face and leave on for ten minutes, then wash off. i do it at night, so in the morning my nose and face isnt an oil slick. also, in the morning if i take a cottonball and dab the milk of magnesia lightly on t-zone before applying foundation, i dont get nearlyas oily. Many people are thrilled with this cheap drugstore product! I have been using retin a micro for about six weeks now, and am thrilled with the results! good luck

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ok ive used all fo the products you listed lol my fav out of all of them is azelex i found that it was really effective when rubbed in alot the only problem i had whtt it was it itches like a bitch the plexon really dryed me otu and it smelled like ass crack that wasent one of my fav

i would deff recommend a high doceage of b5 and about 90mg of zinc (if u can handle it without spewing lol) it cleard me up in about 3-4 weeks =))

since i started b5 only got one new pimple on my face i had no intal brakeout or anything i blame the one pimple on the shitload of ice cream i ate in week one lol the only OTC products that worked for me

good luck bro


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