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Tane log: Begun 5/27/07

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DAY 19

Ugh. I didn't go to work today because I felt sick, stressed, and self conscious about my leprosy-like appearance. Apparently sleeping for 15 hours fixes all of those problems. (Well, the dry flaky skin isn't totally gone, but now I just look chapped. Not dying from a horrible flesh eating diseease). I haven't thoroughly checked my face for new spots, but it looks about the same as yesterday.

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DAY 20

No changes from yesterday... My lips are dry more than my skin, but other than that, everything looks about normal.

Unfortunately, I seem to have some scarring around my jawline. You see, I was a little, um, forceful when it came to treating my acne problem in that particular location... But I never seem to learn my lesson. Darn this bad habit of mine.

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DAY 22

Still not much change. Flakiness isn't so bad I suppose.

DAY 23

Even after staying up till 4am with friends, eating a lot of junk food, and playing a lot of video games, I'm not oily and I'm not breaking out like crazy. If I had tried this a month ago, it would have been a much different story. :) This is a good sign to me.

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DAY 24

I woke up this morning really dry and flaky around my mouth. I also noticed a lot of blackheads starting to form in my nose pores. I have a couple new zits on each cheek, but the acne on my jawline is looking much better.

I also looked at my bacne today (I dunno know why. I usually don't care abotu that.) and it seems to be about on par with what it was before I started taking accutane. *shrugs*

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DAY 25

My lips are so dry that they've kinda gone numb. I guess that's a good thing. I woke up this morning without any flakiness, but that's probably because I put on a bunch of moisturizer last night. I usually only apply it in the mornings, but maybe I'll start doing it at night too. No changes other than that. Still about the same number of active spots.

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DAY 26

I'm not dry at all today. My lips are a little flaking still, but w/e. As long as I'm not uncomfortable I'm happy. Pimples are still alive and kicking, plus I have a couple new whiteheads. I'm doing a better job of not popping them, but we'll see how long I can keep it up, lol. I'm out of benzoyl peroxide now, but I'm going to see how my skin fares without it for a few days.

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