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Marla Singer.

trying to coceal body acne.. any ideas?!

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So frustrating.. my face is finally clear, but my body's another story. :wall:

Warm weather & I can't wear short sleeves because of the hideous beakouts on the uppermost part of my arms! The breakout hasn't really worsened, but I'm impatient, and it's taking awhile for everything to fade. I try really hard not to touch it other than to clean it. I'm also very pale, so every spot sticks out like a sore thumb, and I unfortunately refuse to tan, which I know doesn't clear you up but can make your acne less noticeable... (I always burn anyway; that aside I don't quite find cooking your flesh to fit in with modern society's sense of beauty all that attractive, personally. I kind of consider tanning another fad, and an unhealthy one at that. I mean, yeah it's an enduring, long-lived fad, but think about the 1800s... it was more "acceptable" back then to have very, very fair skin, & women walked about with little parasols... I guess I prefer that look.. although I obviously don't walk around with some frilly umbrella 24/7..)

..anyway I've managed to get off-topic.. My question is.. does anyone out there know of a way I can (other than wearing long sleeves) conceal the acne on my shoulders, and also in doing so, not worsen the breakout? I tried using an acne-fighting concealerstick, but it didn't blend at all, & was terribly obvious.. I almost felt like I was 3 again, w/Calamine Lotion dots covering my chicken pox.. it just looked bad. I'm hoping that concealer stick isn't the only option out there.

So if you guys have any suggestions/thoughts/ideas... please let me know! Thanks!

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MAC makes Face and Body Foundation. I've never used it but you might check it out.

I use MAC Full Coverage foundation to cover things on my body when needed. I've used it cover a tattoo on my foot and also a red bumpy rash on my arms and chest from an allergic reaction to laundry detergent.

Also, MAC Studio Finish concealer is also used for coverage body imperfections. It's pigmented enough to cover tattoos and such.

I know other brands also make waterproof body makeup, so you might look into that.

Sorry...I'm only familiar with MAC products.

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I've heard Dermablend is good. But in lieu of makeup, you could always wear something with longer sleeves that is somewhat sheer and light, with loose sleeves. That's probably what I would do.

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