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Frank Ritchie

smoothbeam and tanning

Hi all, I curently go to a tanning salon once every 1 or 2 weeks...I will be having smoothbeam treatment later in the month...will this cause a problem?



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Tanning is not a good idea for your skin for various reasons: hyperpigmentation, melanoma, early aging, etc....

I would speak to your Dermatologist about this before having SmoothBeam treatments.

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Tanning is OFF LIMITS during your Smoothbeam treatments for the duration of treatments and 3 months after. We use the SB in our laser center and I won't treat anyone who won't agree in writing to stay out of the sun AND where an SPF 30 or higher EVERY day. This is protocol for Smoothbeam.

Tanning is terrible for your skin anyway. You can't imagine how many people come to me and want me to fix their prematurly aged skin due to all the tanning they have done over the years....not to mention skin cancers. I am treating this guy right now for all the sun damage he did with being on his boat every weekend.

See above link to one of my patients.

Please be wise and don't bake... I did and now I am trying to un-do the damage at age 36! Go get a spray on tan instead!

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