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Hey everyone,

Please can someone suggest a shaving cream/foam/ gel which will not cause me to break out. I have been using the Nickel Shaving gel for a few months now and Im convinced that this causes me to break out, as my skin is so sensitive and the gel seems to make my acne worse, particularly around my neck and jawline.

If I could use a new shaving cream/foam/ gel which does not cause me to break out this would be a huge relief, as I would not have to worry again about shaving!


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Hey there, i had the same problem with shaving gels/foams ect as my skin is really sensitive, and i was constantly looking for new ones.

Strangely, when i went to the dermatologist, he gave me "emulsifying ointment" to cleanse my skin with as a soap substitute. Instead of using it as a soap substitue, i used it as a shaving cream (the emulsifying ointment is more of a waxy substance than foam/gel ect).

it goes on great, shaves really well (no irritation, redness ect) and it allows for a close/clean shave :) also it doesnt break you out :)

i got it from my derm, but i think you can either buy it from pharmacists (its a behind the counter thing i think) or ask your doctor :)

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I have terribly sensitive skin as well, every time i used a bade/shaving foam to shave i would breakout in painful rashes and spots.

I have found the best shaving routine for myself is using pure aloe vera gel (from Holland and barrett, £4.99). It is excellent to shave with and should not clog pores as well.

If you find that you are breaking out frequently maybe it could be because the blades are too much for your skin (if you use a blade). I switched from a blade to an electric shaver (philips coolskin, which can be used as a wet shaver) and use the aloe vera as a shave gel (it gives a very comfortable shave).

Good Luck

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