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Hi, im from Brazil.. sorry my bad english..

I started vitamin b5 regimen. about 2 months ago with good results...

but im not 100% clear yet...

im taking 10g of vitamin b5 from nutraceuticals.. with biotin...

split in 2 doses per day.. 5g morning (after wake up +/- 12am) and at night (before class +/-6:00pm)

My questions is:

1.Is better split more... like take 2.5g 4x per day??

2.What is the better time to take?? before sleep... after wake up????

3.I will buy again from nutraceuticals.. but i read somewhere here.. that biotin reduce the effect of vitamin b5.. so its better with ou without biotin??

4.Without Biotin .. Wont I get biotin deficiency??? what should i do to dont get any deficiency in vitamins and dont reduce the vitamin b5 effect....

-- And about spot treatment.. what do you recomend...

im using BP 2.5% i think that its too agressive to use all over my face.. and makes my face red.. so i stopped to use it.. and im using it like spot treatment before sleep.. just in some little ocasional bumps....

Im searching.. for a good spot treatment.. nothing too aggressive.. strong.. i need something lite just to help in some spot.. u know.. a good spot agent...

many thanks....

very good forum...


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When i was on b5 i found the more often you break down your daily dosage e.g. like you said 4x a day... the more effective it is!! you can split it up whenever you want just try and do it evenly throughout the day. Once when you wake, once before bed and once at lunchtime should do the trick though really!!

Biotin does cause some people to breakout, however you only need a minimal amount per day something like 30 mg i think if i remember, you could try just taking the b vitamin-complex without biotin and eating a few banannas a day (they are rich in biotin)

As for the spot treatment 100% tea tree oil is pretty good, you will need to water it down slightly e.g. mix it with a moisturizer or something...

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Tnx man...

and its easy to find this grean tea 100%:?

he said: 100% tea tree oil not green tea, be careful its not the same, you drink the green tea the tea tree oil no.

and you can find 100% tea tree oil easily i think.

By the way lamarr1986 this guy said that 2.5% BP was aggressive with his face i don't know if you know but at least to me 2.0% tea tree oil is much more powerful than 2.5% BP how can you recommend him 100% tea tree oil to him? even being mixed with any moisture the % will be above anything that his face could handle.

gbgadriano you should keep using 2.5 BP until your face get used to it, the dan 2.5% BP have to be great for starters like you.

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i used bp before... it worked... but i think b5 works more....

so.. what do u reccomend.. to use as spot treatment??

i have just some black and white heads... and little things...

Thanks m8s!

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