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Been clear for weeks & not sure what to make of it

For the last few weeks I've been clear. I mean sure there are still little pinhead pustules in the morning now and then but those are painless and practically wipe off. The cystic activity on my neck and chin is gone, and even my tones are starting to even out where there used to be redness.

This redness, on the far ends of my cheeks is left over from acne I got last year. Now it's gone, and I've been getting acne in places I wasn't before (chin and neck) and now those are gone too. Is there any kind of theory regarding migration of acne? I mean, maybe for some reasons it shows up in one spot, and once it moves on it nevr comes back! It sounds crazy I guess, but I used to get nose cysts and zits, whilst my cheecks were clear, and then my nose mellowed out and then my cheeks got real fucked up last year sad.gif Cheeks are simply the worse place to have any skin problem in my opinion!

then again, I'm probably just taking bullshit about this migration theory becuase I got acne on my shoulder, then it cleared, and now it's back sad.gif So I guess this could apply to any area.

Anyway, now that I am relatively clear (I do realize that once acne does go away, there is still healing to be done) I like to think that it is subsiding! I would be crushed more than ever if I got a cyst (knocks on wood) now. Of course I do recognize that such things never have a 100% gradual decline, and it rises and falls whilst declining. Anyhow, right when I got clear (coincidentally) I fell head over heels in love (I'm going to tell her on the weekend of the 10th when we get together) and so now would be a REAL GOOD TIME for this trend of clearness!!!

Anyhow, if people have stories to share about the rise and fall (and unfortunately, the occasional ressurection) of their acne so I could get a better idea of what to make of this anamoly, I would appreciate it very much. And yes, this is really an anamoly, since I have been doing nothing differently (I've been on retin-a and eutrmiacine for months, and overall treting my skin the same as usual). Acne itself is a real anamoly though, and doesn't respond to or originate from external facors. Your body decides when to give you acne and how to give it, it seems.

BTW, when are you too old to grow out of acne? Even if I'm 18, there's still chance of my body adjusting to it, puberty or not, right?

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My mums acne dissappeared when she was 21, she has perfect skin now, so i don't think that its a problem that you're 18.

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