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finished accutane..got a question~!

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I finished accutane a few weeks ago... i was on it for 5 months....

i have a lot of pores... and most of my acne was condomegenic or watever..

but now that 99% of it is gone......

i asked my doctor what type of food should i avoid?

he mentioned the usual.. like junk food and stuff... then he said WHITE FOOD.... liek potatoes, rice...

and i forgot the reasoning.. like why not rice? i'm chinese.. so i eat tonnsss of rice..its like... one of the dumbest things i've heard..

but yeha..

any advice on what i should do to maintain my acne-free skin?

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Yep, white products do aggravate some people's skin, white rice included. If you're 99% clear, then i wouldn't worry too much.

The big ones are:

White foods (white bread, pasta, potatoes, etc)

Hydrogenated Oil (usually mexican food, chinese food(heh), fast-food)

Dairy Products (try to find dairy products, like milk, WITHOUT the artificial hormones, they conflict irritate with your hormones)

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I actually went on a strict diet when on accutane and it made no difference n I ended up like a stick weight.

I just eat what I want and it makes no difference to my skin.

Cutting out dairy products ,bread etc is very bad for bodily requirements.

You could end up with brittle bones or some other illnesses in later life due to deficeincies.

If you are the follow the acne diet,it basically means u can eat very little,and its simply not worth it.

Eat a healthy balanced diet of all food groups and you will be fine,n that included sweets etc.

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