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Girls solve their body acne with tanning

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I used to get a tan on my back for the same reason. I never knew why it helped, but I think I recently figured it out. The sun was killing bacteria on my skin.

Recently, I started using Wet Ones antibacterial moist wipes, Fresh scent in the red and white jar. The key is to keep scrubbing with it, don't just apply it. Anyway, my acne is so much better now. It's even better than when I used to tan.


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If tanning works for you, great! But I burn and turn as red as a lobster if I'm in the sun too long. If anything, I think that being in the sun dries my skin out more than anything and doesn't really help.

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I don't understand this whole "tanning is evil" opinion that seems to be prevalent on this board.

Tanning, in moderation, is something that humans have been exposed to for the entire history of our species. Obviously we've got a lot of problems these days with the ozone layer. That changes the definition of 'moderation'. It means you can tan less before risking damage. It means you need to be careful. It doesn't mean that tanning is unhealthy.

I mean, ever tried eating healthy for a few months and then eating McDonalds? Your body gets re-attuned and you feel like shit when you're eating and digesting the meal. Whereas a salad or piece of fruit can feel exactly the opposite. I think it's the same thing with tanning. It feels good - healthy - to lie in the sun for a while on a nice day, especially when the sun is bathing your skin. I tan for about an hour once or twice a week when the weather is nice, and it always leaves me feeling really great.

Sure, it may speed up the aging process of your skin leading to ugly wrinkles or whatever when you're in your 40s and 50s, but let's face it: if you're tanning to cover acne scarring then your skin is already 'ugly'. It can be very important to look your best while you're in your teens or twenties. I think it'll matter a lot less when you're older.

To be honest, this whole situation strikes me as similar to the margarine vs butter argument. Everyone thought butter was unhealthy and started recommending margarine as a substitute. Then they discovered that the trans fatty acids in margarine were, well, pretty deadly, while fresh butter (in moderation) was actually (surprise surprise) good for you. When it comes to the whole "sun bathing vs fake-tan creams" I'd rather stick with the thing humans have been doing for thousands of years rather than the chemical approach that's become popular recently. Tanning makes my skin and body feel great, so I'll do it sensibly and in moderation.

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But people are more superficial before they reach emotional maturity, right? (Generalized statement.)
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A) Lots of guys tan as well. Nothing feminine or exclusive about going tanning. Let's not assume only women use tanning to control acne -- a lot of dudes, myself included, have resorted to this at one point or another during our lives. Dunno about where you live but where I come from men taking care of their appearances is normal and expected. No Nascar white trash mullet looks allowed.

B) It's equally bad for both girls and guys to use tanning as a method of acne control. This isn't a personal opinion this is a simple fact that some choose to ignore because they value the easy convenient cure now (tanning) and are willing to overlook the consequences of skin damage, wrinkling, and possible cancer. I personally prefer to fight my acne in a way that doesn't have serious consequences down the line. Just because humans have been exposing themselves to the sun for ages without protection doesn't mean it is an intelligent thing to do. Traditions are often based in ignorance. Innovation always trumps tradition.

C) No need to give attitude and imply that someone does or doesn't manage time correctly based on their forum presence. Wynne is a great resource and if this forum is somewhere where she can contribute to society then good for her....we all volunteer and give our time in different ways and different places....check into that before you throw stones

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Yes tanning beds and being in the sun do have a positive effect on acne because of killing the acne. It worked for me and I'm sure it works for many others. It's just another reason why I love the summer so much. For a while I did go to a tanning bed once or twice a week through the fall and winter but last spring decided to give that up since I don't have acne much any more and tanning beds always left me feeling much more like I had been cooked compared to just being in the sun. You actually need to be out getting at least 20 minutes of sun exposure every day and unless you have severely sun burn prone skin then you don't need to slap on a pound of sun block for that amount of time. Overexposure to anything usually isn't a good thing though. In the summer I'm usually out getting direct sun exposure for 2-3 hours at a time several days a week at least and i tan well and it makes my skin look good. I do work on protecting my skin though by usually a lot of organic moisterizers twice a day on my face as well as a body oil. Yes you can get skin cancer from over exposure to being in the sun but what most "experts" don't tell you is that your body needs that sun exposure as well to fight other forms of cancer. Your body also gets high doses of Vitamin D from the sun. Personally I think skin cancer is more of gene thing in terms of who is most likely to get it from sun exposure, especially when you're just doing moderate exposure and you're not like a roofer who spends 12 hours on a roof in the sun.

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