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from a year or 2 ago i have been getting warts all over my hands.. say like 6 on each hand.. its looks terrible especial with my acne... i look like mutant


anyway the over the counter stuff for my warts didnt work so i went to the gp and he said that my immune system is low due to me in my teenage age and i am still growing...

the gp said sumthing along the line that my body is looking after these wartz by giving them a house and feed. That was the story he made up for me to understand anyway smile.gif

he prescribed me to a medication called "magicul" in which it will help build up my immune system, then i have to apply an over the counter 'paint' for the parts just to give them hell and kill them for good.

anyway i am only just starting this medication and was wondering if acne would fit under the same category?

do you think when my immune system is stronger the acne would have trouble 'surving'?

can anyone else relate to this?

i know you arnt doctors so it hard to give me a correct answer, but has anyone else had the same kinda thing?

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I had warts on my hand back in elementary school. Other kids were afraid they'd get them too if they touched me or got too close, and thought I got them by playing with frogs. :roll:

I think it was a genetic thing, as my sister had them too. I usually just kept my hands in my pockets so it wasn't too big of a deal. They went away on their own early on in middle school, never did a thing to them.

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apparently it isn't genetic... well thats what one of the gp's said

but i find that hard to believe

my mum had 20 on one hard at one stage

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A new technique that's being used is duct tape. Put the duct tape on as much as u can and change as little as possible. After about 2-3 weeks the life is sucked right outta the warts. I used this on my foot with six warts and they dissapeared in about 1-2 months. Dude you can also get them burned off.

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i had them frozon off the 1st time i went, with liquid nitogen

i came back later for another treatment with another doc and he said freezing them off has only a max 30% sucess rate...

he was right too.. only a couple of mine went away..

this is when he gave me that med..

i not really fussed about the wartz anyway... there only on my hand, not my face or anything

thats why i hate acne :?

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