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Is moisturizer necessary/spot lotion/red marks

I have been using Dan's regimen for 3 weeks now and have seen decent progress. I still break out, but they do clear faster. However, I have found that my skin has adapted well to the BP and the BP does not dry it out. My skim will feel a little like leather, but it doesnt flake. I find the application of moisturizer anoying since it generally leaves white smears (using Dan's BP and Neutragena oil free M). So I was curious if the moisturizer was necessary, or just to guard against dryness?

Also, my breakouts have been generally controlled ... but I do have one spot on my forhead that has 4-5 thick acne spots. I wouldnt say they are cysts, but they seem to be very large zits. They take a lot longer to go away and seem to be "merging" into each other to create one big area of infection. The BP seems to work ok there, but it seems the moment one gets better one of the previous ones that was getting better flares up again. Is there a spot lotion I can use with stronger power then the 2.5% BP that would work with the regimen? Or do I just need to wait it out longer and let Dan's work on it. I have heard some good things about AHA but I am confused if it is a spot treatment or not (speaking of AHA are there any good ones that you can get a walmart/supermarker?)

Oh, last thing. Dan's BP has killed off a lot of smaller acne but they have left marks. I know they go away on there own after a while. but is there a product I can use to help that process? I want something that works with Dan's regimen. Also, like I stated above, I am not clear of acn yet (close except for that one nasty spot on my forhead).


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You could just use the moisturizer once a day if you don't feel too dry, but you probably ought to use a little bit at least once a day, people have found through trial and error with the regimen that some moisturizer each day is better than nothing even if your skin isn't dry. If you don't like your current one, you might go with jojoba oil, Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, or even an AHA like Lac-Hydrin 5 or Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion as a moisturizer just at night, which will help with your redmarks/textural issues if you use it regularly. For the day, you might not want to use an actual moisturizer, but you still should have some sun protection on your face so Neutrogena Dry Touch Ultra Sheer Sunblock is a good choice, since it's only very slightly moisturizing and will protect your skin from sun damage while you have BP on.

For spot treatment, I've never had great luck, but 10% BP is about the best around. Definitely don't use it on large areas of your face, but it's fine for zapping individual zits and taming small problem areas. Persa-Gel is pretty good, but 10% BP is quite easy to find in drugstores so go with whatever is cheapest. 10% BP an be clumpy so you might use it only at night. I've never used AHA as a spot-treatment, but Dan likes it quite a bit. You'll want a 10% AHA for that, the only kind available that I can think of are Alpha Hydrox brand products and a Walgreen's knockoff of them.

It sounds like you've had some good results so far, so keep on following the regimen and hopefully things will continue to improve more. I saw my most drastic improvements over the second month of the regimen, after I started using an AHA at night, after a couple of months my skin had a nice glow to it and my red marks were diminished.

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