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What is your Body Mass Index number? (link posted to find out)

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1. 4.4 Is that normal?


3. I eat way too many sweets, drink 8 glasses of water and take multivitamins and fish oil.

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1) 19.0

2) Very mild with a few red marks...

3) Very healthy... The last time I cheated was about 3 months ago? At a Chinese restaurant. I always read labels. I get my 3.5 grams of Omega 3 per day from Fish oil pills. Morning: egg white omelette, orange juice and whole-wheat toast. Some mornings I'll have organic cereal (no added sugar, and with milk of course!) My diet mostly consists of white meat, turkey, seafood. Maybe twice a week I'll have rice, pasta (I try to have brown rice and whole-wheat pasta, but not ALWAYS). And of course a variety of fruits & vegetables throughout the day. For dessert, I usually have a whole-wheat bar with dark chocolate (80% cocoa) bits but there is not much sugar per portion... 5g of brown sugar per bar, actually. 8 glasses of water per day (Usually I heat the water a bit because I prefer lukewarm better... and besides, it's better for your skin).

EDIT: I'm 5'11" & 136 lbs.

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1) What is your BMI? 21

2) Also how mild or severe is your acne? mild

3) How well do you eat? pretty healthy, about once a month I splurge and have a soda :shifty:

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Very mild.

My diet's...not very healthy, not very unhealthy. I eat/drink what I want, but everything in moderation.

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