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How effective is AHA in getting rid of Bacne scars? I tried AHA 3 times in the past week and though I see progress, it seems really slow. Am I missing something?

I got those brown scars and hopefully I can get rid of the scars by June.

Does Tanning work better?

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AHA is very effective. I apply once a day usually before I go to bed. It took about two weeks before I seen results. The results I got were amazing. Not only does my skin look better but its also a main contributor to prevention of breakouts. I've been using dans bp too. I use dans cleanser as well but its not my primary. I recommend a SA wash with the proper ph balance. So far the only one I know of is Paulas choice. Follow that up with a disinfectant wash like BP. The theory behind my regime is as follows:

SA wash= exfoiliates skin from within and prepares skin for disinfection.(paulas)

BP wash=disinfects skin(clean&clear, panoxly)

BP topically=prevents(dan's)

AHA=prevents and restores(bought mine from riteaid)

moisturizer=is optional but for some its a must

im 93% clear hoping that with once a week glycolic peels I'll be 100%. :whistle:

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That sounds great but my parents aren't fond of me using special products to get rid of my bacne.

I only have scars now and it has been pretty stable for the past week.

My regimen:

Head and Shoulders Regimen without leaving it on - Prevent Breakouts

Apply AHA - Get rid of scars

Moisturizer - Need it, or i'll start breaking out.

BP - For emergency

Is this good?

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