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Acne only during the winter

my situation: I never had a single breakout until I was 19. Now, I have a tendency to break out (sometimes mildly, other times more severely) quite frequently, but *only* during cold months. From about late November to early March, I'm constantly plagued by acne, but during the remaining eight months I won't get ONE pimple (though I'm always left with red spots from winter breakouts). Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Why am I only breaking out in the winter? What's the best regimen to treat it? Tried Dan's regimen for a while, but it made my very sensitive skin much worse--benzoyl peroxide always works for me at first, but as I continue to use it, even with a heavy moisturizer, it severely dries my skin to the point where I can peel off huge chunks from my cheeks (yuck!). Any advice would be appreciated.


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Bro.. seriosuly my case is the same as yours.. your body seems to be used to a humid and warm climate.. So what I have just learned is to only wash once.. thats right.. you heard me.. once.. dont use those topicals anymore.. too much dryness.. If your face isnt oily.. then follow my regimen.. it will surely cure you of winter acne..



In Shower.. Apply Dial Antibacterial Vitamin Moisturizing Bodywash

Shave while its still on.. Rinse and wash rest of body..

Pat your face dry with clean towel.. wait a few minutes then apply a very light non-comedongenic moisturizer (like neutrogena)




If you wake up and your face is oily.. just splash some lukewarm water all over it and pat dry..

This regimen alone has been clearing be dramatically.. I broke out recently because of chochlate and heavy masturbation.. but I am back on it and love it soooooo much.

Give it a shot.. what do you have to lose?

P.S - the Dial is great stuff.. has vitamins A-E-and b5.. and wont clog pores.. dont mind the fragrance.. wont harm ya..

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