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Jojoba as moisturizer

I have not used moisturizer in the past week and have found that I have had fewer breakouts. I have very oily skin but still feel that I need to moisturize as I use sa, bp, mandelic acid and differin.

WOuld jojoba oil be a good choice to use as night. I heard it is natural and will help balance the moisture in my skin.

What are your suggestions?


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Guest Tracy

I think jojoba would be a great choice. Just put a drop or two in the palm of your hand with a bit of water to help it spread better.....rub hands together briskly to warm up the oil/water mixture and pat on your face....the stuff is great and really does help balance and moisturize without breaking you out.

I also use it several times a week (without the added water) as a scalp treatment and my hair's nice and full and shiney.....I leave it in overnight and shampoo and condition as usual (I use bodywealth hair products which are wholesome, natural, and chemical free) and my hair (and most importantly my scalp) is LOVING me for it!!

If interested, you can find the Body Wealth Haircare products here: http://bodywealth.com/

I also use Eucerin Daily Control & Care Moisturizer for daytime moisturizer. It contains lactic acid, dries instantly to a nice matte finish, is never greasy feeling, and has NEVER broken me out. You can find it at most drugstores and Walmart, etc.....it's reasonably priced and lasts quite some time because you only need a small amount. It's another moisturizing option if you're looking for something for daytime hydration.

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I hate using moisturizer i never have used it because ive always have had very very oily skin, but for some reason the past 5 months our so when i get out the shower my skin is so dry, its all white and flacky in were my hair grows on my face sad.gif so bad it hurts to open my mouth...i use the proactiv 3 step program and started using there moisturizer because they say its not good to mix products but there bottles are 2 small and expensive and its not even working that great.

i went out and asked the pharm what would be good he recomended AQUARELLE oil free wondering if anyone has used it our no if its good? im terrified 2 use it cuz it seems like everytime i use somthing new on my face i get nothing but acne and if im really unlucky a few cysts sad.gif

ill read what it says on bottle...matte hydrating fluid

says is formulated for oily skin is hypo allergenic non comedogenic(wont clog pores) and non acnegenic and perfume free...contains a anti-oxidant that helps the skin while keeping pores clog free.

has a lot of ingrediants i dont feel like listing.

thanks for reading and hope i get some feedback if u guys thinik this will be ok because i get really nervous when putting somthing new on my face.

is there any ingrediants in moisturzers to stay away from??

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I think Jojoba oil is actually an ester, not an oil at all. It can't go rancid because of that.

Check out www.bostonjojoba.com

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Okay, so I got some jojoba oil. How exactly should I apply this. SHould I use it first and then my mandelic acid or second. Will it rub in or should it stay on the surface?


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Jojoba is a moisteriser - so it would be the last thing you apply on your face (apart from sunscreen in the day). Just gently rub /massage into your face.

So, mandelic first biggrin.gif

I think the emu oil is better for oily skins

jojoba is definately good for oily skins and soaks into the skin better.

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