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So basically this girl that i'm good friends with, i love her and care about her sooo much.. and our prom is coming up in June. i hadn't really talked to her much about it because i didn't want to seem weird around her, but after i talked with her best friend (who i'm also good friends with), i decided that i would ask her... Now this is a huge thing for me becasue i dont have that much confidence with my acne and all... so last monday after school i walk down the street and buy a rose for her and go home. I was all prepared to ask her and i felt great, going over the whole thing in my head. then as i was about to sign off MSN and go to sleep my friend (the other girl) tells me on msn.. "i have to tell you something.. we have a problem"... i knew it was about the prom right away.. so she tells me that the girl i was going to ask, asked this guy from another school literally an hour earlier :cry: .. i was in shock and speechless.. i kept thinking if i had clear skin, i could be in a relationship right now with her and be so happy, or just go to the prom with her. since then (it was a week ago) weve hung out but havent talked about it and i hope things will be alright with us

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^ rofl at what ministry said

ouch that hurts. id talk to the girl and not her friend, at least to find out whats really going on. do you know anyone else to take? maybe take her friend if you still like her at all.

im not sure about prom at ur school, but at mine it was very relaxed. i talked with my friends alot and we got to do some crazy caterpiller dances. there was like only 2 slow dances and the rest was like party music. most of my friends just took casual friends to prom. maybe you could still talk to that girl you liked even if you take someone else?

good luck man

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It's logical to try and see what happened as a failure on your part, but that's obviously just not true here. Highschool girls are very shallow, don't take it personal, never do.

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