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Marla Singer.

goodbye FOREVER, Foundations. Sincerely, Marla.

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I figure before I share my, uhm, miraculous experience, it would be wise to describe my skin type to some degree, as what may have worked for me, may not necessarily work with others.

So to start off, I've got mild-moderate acne on my face(& reallllly oily skin). Used to be a lot worse (big, painful cystic acne) before I saw a dermatologist & got meds. But my medications/cleansing regimens have never made my face completely free of blemishes, but I figured could always easily cover those little breakouts with foundation. (The majority of my embarassing acne problems are now across my shoulders, but that's not quite relevant to this post...)

Anyway, I always used to use CoverGirl Fresh Look SPF15 oil-free/shine control foundation. Ever since I was 15 (I'm 22 now) & began wearing makeup. Was always perfect for me. But, one tragic day, I realized that my beloved foundation had been.. discontinued. I tried every kind of foundation I could afford, and there was always something about them that was "wrong" for me... (this goes for L'Oreal Infallible, which gave me zits in areas on my face that I've NEVER broken out, & all the other CoverGirl foundations that made me look like an orange-faced Oompa-Loompa, all of Almay's products were either drying or greasy or the wrong shade... and Neutrogena's, although it controlled shine, didn't break me out, evened out my skin & matched it, would sort of "migrate" to the center of my face by the end of the day & look terribly streaky but in a dried sort of way, and I couldn't touch it up.) Needless to say, I tried so many products that received rave reviews, but nothing seemed to quite work with my skin type the way my tried & true Covergirl foundation worked. I never even cared about my makeup before it was discontinued, because what I'd first tried at 15 had always worked well enough. You never know what you have until you've lost it.. :boohoo: (insert "sad, longing sigh" here, I suppose).

After trying & failing with that Infallible foundation, I'd returned it & settled back on the neutrogena healthy skin foundation because it at least matched my skin & didn't break me out, even if it did look bad later in the day. Couple days afterwards, I changed my mind and decided to return it, to try to find something else.. if there even was anything else left on the shelves I hadn't tried already. I ended up leaving the store, with another Neutrogena product, but it wasn't really a foundation. Dubious, I made sure to tuck the receipt securely in my wallet, expecting to be at the customer service desk the next day, to exchange yet another disappointing product.

But now, I'm never returning to foundation again. I'm only using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer. "Healthy Skin Enhancer combines a vitamin-infused Retinol treatment to smooth fine lines, the protection of SPF 20 moisturizer and sheer, lightweight tint in a single application."

It's a fricken Godsend. Firstly because it doesn't break me out AT ALL.. and my face, after more than 3 straight weeks of wearing this.. is absolutely CLEAR of any & all acne! I can't recall a single day since puberty that I've had flawless skin... it blows my mind! No blackheads, zits.. nada. Also, I'm betting it matches just about anyone. Even the palest shades of foundations I've tried have been too orange-y or too pink for my complexion. I used the "Ivory to Fair" (lightest shade) of this moisturizer & it matches perfectly!

The retinol in it has also tightened my pores significantly (mine are..or were.. HUGE). Plus, The 1st week I started using this, I still had some rather large & ugly, red pimples on my cheeks/chin, leftover from my brief romance with that Infallible crap from L'Oreal. This Neutrogena tinted moisturizer unfortunately does not conceal red pimples, but it did take them down from a bright red to a paler pink, whereupon I applied a tiny dot of Neutrogena's SkinClearing Concealer (has Salicylic Acid in it) on each pink spot, which completely evened my complexion out. I topped it off with Neutrogena's Loose Powder & at the end of the day, my face looked exactly the same as it did that morning. I didn't even have to touch-up or blot even ONCE for oil throughout the day, and my skin is that terribly "wet" looking oily type. Usually. When I washed my face before bed, I felt a difference there too. My skin felt like it was "breathing" better.

My boyfriend (who could really care less about cosmetics one way or the other) noticed the difference in my face immediately. He said, "I dunno what you've got on your face lately, but it looks awesome." He has NEVER in the 2 & 1/2 yrs of dating me, commented on my makeup, or complexion in general. Ever. He went on and said it just looked very natural, a lot better than what I usually wear, and didn't look like I was wearing anything at all, really. For someone who never talks about makeup, he had a lot to say... which won him some brownie points, y'know, making me feel purty & all.. :dance:

Anyway, the second week, those old pimples had healed, leaving behind a few residual pink spots, which my neutrogena tinted moisturizer did provide coverage for. No new pimples or blackheads had emerged. Boyfriend actually commented again on how much he liked how I was "doing" my face now. Heehee..

Last week was my 3rd week using the tinted moisturizer. I haven't felt this good about my face in so long, if ever, actually. All last week, my face remained flawless & those pink scar/spots that were leftover [from those recently healed pimples] were totally faded. No concealers needed. No mid-day touchup or wiping the oil off my face. Just Neutrogena Tinted Moisturizer and some of their Loose Powder to top it off. I am firmly convinced that I will never touch foundation again.

I highly reccommend this to anyone who isn't a huge "makeup" person, but wants something to fight off wrinkles w/retinol, sun damage w/SPF20, & even out your complexion juuuuust enough with a truly natural looking tint... that will actually stay put, no matter how oily your skin is. *If you can wait out that first week of transition (or maybe two, depending on the severity of your acne), where your pimples may seem a bit more "exposed" than you'd find comfortable because you're so accustomed to a heavy foundation, then you'll most likely be pleasantly surprised as I am. And then perhaps you'll realize, after that, you won't need so much coverage anyhow.. because you're clearing up.

This is such a long post, but I just can't stress this enough. Coming from a chick who really isn't all that enthusiastic about clothes and style and finding new makeup, I am pretty damn thrilled this stuff. It makes me feel really, honestly pretty.. not just covered up. And my face feels as clean, healthy and even as it looks.

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It's great that you found something that works for your skin. :)

I bought some of this a while ago too. I needed more coverage and now that I'm on Accutane I don't think I can use retinol. I'm hangin on to it though.

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Arg!!! I was so excited to hear about this, and bought some yesterday ... tried it out this morning, and it won't go on smoothly over Duac cream. Has anybody else had a similar problem? Maybe if I put on some moisturizer before using this ... That said, I'm thrilled to hear you've found a good product! Best of luck :)

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sounds like you may have makeup induced acne. That's what I have as well. When I turned 30, I thought maybe I should start wearing makeup before I get too old to wear them and still look good. Then I started getting pimples, which I never had before so I wore more makeup to cover it up. Then I still get these pimples but they weren't bad, just unsightly bumps on my face. So I tried Bare Escentuals, that's when all hell broke loose. Long story short, I stopped wearing makeup altogether, started washing my face with goat's milk soap and used an effective moisturizer and my face was restored back to normal. The problem I have now is that my face now is hyper sensitive. So if I deviate from my soap and moisturizer or if I wear makeup again, I break out within a day. I think it'll take me years to get back to the way my skin was before.

So in short, I agree with you, makeup, especially foundation, is horrible for your skin.

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I'm sorry to say that this product wasn't for me. I use a benzoyl peroxide gel and moisturizer over it so my face sometimes gets flakey. I found that the Healthy Skin Enhancer made my skin look more flakey. It seems like a little goes a long way with this product, but it didn't provide enough coverage for me. When I tried to use more, it looked like a regular thick foundation. I am glad to hear that people have had success with it, but I am going back to regular foundation and powder.

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Any updates on anyone using this? Im too afraid to go back to liquid foundations and mineral makeup just makes my skin feel dry and uck! Im on a regimen where I basically wipe down my face with a warm wet washcloth and try not to use moisturizer because I felt it might've broke me out and Im not on any kind of topicals or anything at all really. I want to give this a try. Anyone still using it and how do you like it.

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