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I felt I owe this board since this board provided tons of research and really helped me out (after lurking for some time).

My skin type: I have really unique skin, not in a good way. Basically, my skin is very oily but at the same time sensitive to most products, harsh or not. For example, when I was young I used just your basic bar soap on my face, I felt the cleanse but I would get big red blemishes couple of days later. Same story with Neutrogena bar. The odd thing is, is that I was given benzoyl peroxide , and its PERFECT for my skin type. I mean, its exactly what it needed, blackheads started to disappear almost overnight, and the results just keep getting better, I use the 5% nightly, sometimes even twice, but my skin never blemishes or dries (I wouldn't touch the 10% though).

I bet your wondering why I posted here.

I never really cared (or noticed anything) about my skin until a couple of months ago (January this year). Well, this was before I used any skin treatment. I noticed one blackhead that was larger than most, right at the tip of my nose, and the problem was that nothing removed this blackhead. It was even noticeable, now that thing is that this happened to me before, but I would just squeeze them out. This one didn't go anywhere, I had it for like 2-3 months. After I FINALLY got rid of it, it left a BIG hole, I swear it was sickening. What had happened was that one pore was enlarged to such a big extent that it overtook TWO other pores, I mean these pores are only NOW showing up, meaning the hole is re-healing itself, and the pores are forming. It shrank a little the next day, but what followed was a bunch of people noticing this thing. This has never happened to me before and I never had MAJOR skin problems, ever. So I went on this site and started researching, this scar resembles something of an 'ice-pick' scar, but its not due to acne, its due to an out of control black head. This is the best way I can describe it.


I went to the dermatologist (who didn't know crap) and was prescribed RetinA, and thats it. I was told they can slice it out, (a skin punch or something) but the derm herself said it would leave a bigger scar.

So, I used the RetinA, and I also used Vitamin E gel capsule in an attempt to shrink it. I saw changes for the better (I must note I am unaware of whether ANY of these treatments helped, or whether it was my own body that did the healing, I'm really think it was both to be honest).

I went on this site and after researching bought CP Serum. THIS was the very first product that I felt had a positive influence. I think I got a good deal, if anyone benefits anything from this post is that I got 25% off, on yahoo shopping, if someone got a better deal let me know.


Because of the CP serum's positive effects, I noticed that the vitamin E AND RetinA were DETRIMENTAL to the healing process, they would just expand the scar (there formed a diagonal scar eventually, running in place of two pores). So I had to stop using those. Sidenote: Vitamin E did help, but NOT in the long run, ONLY temporarily, its something like a fat soluble, so when you apply Vitamin E topically if makes the surface look smoother, but no static results. So if you are going out or something, maybe Vitamin E isn't so bad.

Secondary Treatments:

When I say secondary treatments, its not a direct treatment (not topical). There are other things that I take that I feel help the healing process: Spinach and carrots. I know, sounds weird, but spinach (BABY spinach) is high in Vit A and K, and carrots obviously Vit A. Vit A helps skin regeneration (posted in the holistic healing sticky up top).

Collagen pills: Everyone knows that collagen also helps skin regeneration, in fact it is absolutely essential. I figured its pointless to apply a collagen cream since the regeneration process occurs UNDER the top layer of skin, not on the top, that and its highly overprice due to a rising pattern of expensive collagen treatments. The pills I think helped, I take them nightly.

So, to abbreviate, my current regiment:

CP Serum, collagen pills, carrots, baby spinach, Vitamin E INGESTED.

This seems to be working fine (*crosses fingers*). So far, the scar has basically totally removed itself (don’t listen to people on this board saying scars are permanent etc., such negativity is unnecessary). I must digress that I started treating this scar RIGHT AWAY, I didn't wait. The scar has resided, and in place my original pores are re-forming, its BARELY noticeable now. I mean, someone would have to look up close.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my experience and give back to the forum. I NEVER post online, this is my first and only and I will continually update this thread ONLY, until its gone. I wish to inform people with oily skin that THIS CAN happen, and to those that have been in a similar situation, how I took care of mine.

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I must also note:

I take good care of my body, never smoked (for those with skin problems that are currently smoking, well... I guess the problems must not be that bad, because you dont really care for results).

I also work of regularly, why post about this? Small cuts on the hand, paper cuts, bruises etc., small things that heal with all people heal 25% faster with those that exercise on a regular basis. The body has a healing mechanism that is like anything else, the more it is in use the better it works, think of an engine. If a person just sits at a desk all day, their body basically rarely heals anything. Meanwhile, a person that exercises (works out) essentially what they are doing is tearing their muscles, and letting the muscles heal overnight. Its a tearing and healing cycle, THIS is how muscle is grown, they grow overnight, not at the gym (protein encourages this, hence the shakes).

I also take zinc, a zinc tablet that also contains copper, because zinc depletes the bodies copper, this pill takes care of this problem and keeps everything balanced.

EVERYONES body is different, what worked for me may or may not work for you, but I believe its important to atleast try.

BTW, I AM NOT AN EXPERT. The information posted on the top and this post are merely MY EXPERIENCES. THATS IT, I am not advising anyone to do anything.

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There also seems to be a misunderstanding about pores and why some areas are noticeable and some aren't, and why some people have enlarged ones and some dont.

As for the areas, the only reason the pores on your nose are noticeable more than any others is due to the fact that these pores, on average, are something like 1500x more oily than any others. For whatever reason, much more sebum is produced on the skin on the nose and surrounding area. This is with everyone. Some have enlarged ones because they are more oily than others. Some people think that pores need shrinking, or that they can somehow 'shrink' their pores. There is no such thing, its not the pores themselves that are big, its the sebum that is produced by them. This sebum is produced at an accelerated rate, faster than normal, and builds up, thus the pore expands. The pore itself isn't big, its just expanded. So if excess sebum isn't produced (by the Sebaceous glands), the pores wouldn't expand or look big. This is why, BP with me, works. It basically removes the top layer of sebum, and the pores then have the opportunity to shrink.

So, why DO some pores on people produce excess sebum? And why DON'T others? Why the discrepency? My personal theory: My genetics are derived from a very VERY cold climate. Having non oily skin, or midrange oily skin would result in skin cracking or permanent dryness. Very very bad, so I think this oily skin was passed down generation by generation. What I don't understand is how come some people's skin stops being oily when they get older (I've been told this is an 'age' thing).

(Last warning: I am NO expert, anything I post is my own experience, I'm just a 20 yr old sharing, not responsible to what people do with the info)

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All those reads and no replies, I don't know if anyone cares but this is most likely my first and last update.

Well, the healing has been going along nicely, and it's gotten to the point where you REALLY can't see it unless you're up close, there a few things that I have noticed that greatly enhanced the healing process.

The CP Serum was the driving force behind this whole process, without it, who knows what could have happened, I really owe this board for suggesting it. The CP serum and BP is all I use topically, I've switched to using the 2.5% BP, this will be explained why later on. The biggest detail that I want to disclose the how to increase the severity of CP serum: I've found that applying CP serum just once is not enough. When you apply it once, the skin absorbs the serum and thats it (to those that do not use the serum, the serum is a greenish liquid that is VERY fluid, its very watery, the super version is much thicker I read, the CP serum resembles something that of a shampoo, and it has a unique odor, not really bad just weird) and the bump gets only SLIGHTLY darker. What I have been doing lately, and I notice a difference in the healing process literally DAILY, is I apply the CP serum 4-5 times a night on the same thing (what would happen, I would use it once, and it would absord into the skin, and there would hardly any cahnges, then again second time, only the third time it would build up), it gets MUCH darker (greener) and the it hardens with a greenish hue. I do this at night, then, in the morning I use the 2% BP to get rid of the hue, only some sebum is left (unnoticeable). This has been the brunt of the healing process.

Another thing that I have STOPPED doing is this: I was doing the above, but instead of using the BP I would just squeeze out the sebum, I could then actively see the healing results, but after a couple of hours, the scar would REVERT and any healing process was reversed. This is because the CP serum is still in there, so when I would squeeze out the sebum it seems I am squeezing out the CP serum as well. BP is better because it just takes off the top layer.

SUMMARY: Using CP Serum 3-4 times a night and NOT SQUEEZING the affected scar area.

If I really want to remove the CP serum that has built up, I use the BP 5%, this is stronger than the 2.5% and removes more.

Sidenote: I've also added Vit C cream because (supposedly) it helps with general healing, I use it daily or every other day, and one positive side-effect that I have noticed is that the Vit C cream reduces the appearance of my pores slightly, and it does it almost instantly. They are still noticeable, but MUCH better. The cream is good all-around and it is very cheap, there are bottles for $2-$5, my bottle is barely used (2oz) I've had it for a month/month and a half. It's worth a shot for the price alone.

Anyway, the thing is practically gone, another month or two, it will be fully healed, after that I plan to take care of my blackheads.

I sure hope this helped somebody.

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