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[pic] what IS this thing? 5 zits in a row?

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well here is the problem...

its not actually that dark/red, but i brightened it a bit so its clearer. see blotch that looks like 5 zits in a row? what IS it? just lots of cystic acne? when i touch it lightly i can feel the pus/water beneath it, but i'm scared to try jabbing it with anything because it would leave HUGE deep mark. it's been there for 2months, i've been treating with BP daily but it hasn't changed. at all.

i recently got a cortisol shot which made it considerably smaller, but now its growing bigger again.. what can i do? my derm says just to wait it out but its been there 2 months!

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turmeric spice & coconut oil! ... mix it together into a paste, and smother it on...lol just kidding... about the smothering part that is...

okay... BP won't work.... sulfur will, if you're not allergic to it. Problem is, that doc's don't prescribe it anymore because BP and SA work "better" and sulfur is old news. At least thats what my 2nd derm told me...lol

or... if you don't wanna or can't do that...theres a turmeric spice & coconut concoction --mix it both together, to make a paste, and lather it on, make sure you've got the spice in there real nice...lol.. slap a bandaid on it, leave it on overnight.....It'll reduce overnight. But I warn you...IT STAINS like mad... so,..just be careful... I've got another post with more detail on how to do it, otherwise just PM and when I'm not so damn tired from my accutane, I'll write back with more detail on it......lol basically, sometime tomorrow...:-p

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Hi, I've had somthing similar to this for about four months now (its on my left jaw line).

It almost went a few weeks ago until I took a knock playing football

and now it's come back even worse.

It just fills up with blood and water, I drain it most days but it

just comes back.

I put ice on it and anticeptic cream but have had no luck.

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I would just leave it, let the pus grow big enough to bulge to the surface like a pimple and then pop by itself, or let it go away by itself. It looks like it'll do a permant damage to your face if you temper with it. Could those be infections from your previous pimples that you popped or whatever you did? Perhaps bacteria from your fingernails got into it.

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