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My Opinion and What worked

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Here is my basic advice from everything I've learned from suffering from acne, read on for details:

1. Do not eat cereal and milk every morning.

2. Do not use a daily face cleansing regimen.

3. Take fish oil or omega 3 supplement.

4. Moisturize daily with facial moisturizer

5. When skin starts feeling like its getting bad, apply Vaseline/petroleum jelly at night

6. Exercise regularly for optimal results

I was once a Regimen follower, for about 2-3 years on and off. Let me tell you, don't do the regimen on and off, it reaps havoc on your skins sebaceous glands and your skin's oil balance always feels funky. I had results from the regimen but nothing I was completely happy with and I just could never get over the hump. Around the time where I realized my skin was getting better from an improved diet, I thought to improve my skin even more with an improved skin regimen. I still stand by the regimen as a good initial acne knockout system but it just wasn't a long term thing I wanted to be doing every day of my life, twice.

My advice for regimen users and people with moderate acne and somewhat oily skin is to limit your BP use, moisturize at night with petroleum jelly, thoroughly wash skin the following morning and gauge whether your skin could use more moisturizer by feel. Apply BP to areas of pimples and rub in very gently. If after washing you feel your skin could use some moisturization, apply some daily moisturizer such as cetaphil. Once a week I like to rejuvenate my skin by exfoliating in the shower with a wet wash cloth just to rid my skin of all the product and dirt that has accumulated.

As for diet:

1. Cut out almost all of your dairy intake.

2. Balance your carbohydrate, fat, and protein intake.

3. Supplement your breakfast with Fish oil or another omega 3 supplement.

4. Do not begin everyday with a bowl of cereal.

5. Take it easy on refined sugars, candy, junk food, some cereal.

6. Eat your fruits and vegetables.

7. Be wary of how many grains you are eating in relation to fats and proteins.

8. Drink your water boys and girls.

Last buy not least, exercise more than you do now :P





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