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Amanda Marie


Okay, so we all know that tanning can improve your complexion for at least a little bit. But I've noticed that after I've gone tanning for about a week, once I stop my skin get's really bad a breaks out like crazy. Is this a result of tanning?

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Is it? Only you would know. If you were clear for a long time, and THE ONLY THING YOU CHANGED was you began to tan - then yes, the causing factor is clear. However, i severely doubt that's the case and you are more than likely ignoring some factors.

What kind of tanning?



How hot, how powerful are the UV rays?

Are you using any soaps, peroxides or other products?

Are you on antibiotics, or any other oral drug that makes you sensitive to the sun?

Are you burning your skin?

Is your skin becoming more oily?

Is your skin flaking?

These are some questions that may help.

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Tanning thickens the horny layer (outer layer) of your skin. This can result in blocked pores because it is now more difficult for the skin to shed. So while tanning in and of itself does not cause acne, the skin's response to it may.

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