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UGHHHHHHHH When everything has gone away.. i get this....

My acne has cleared up a lot. I practically have none. I had an white head on my cheek from a long time ago and I decided to see what would happen if Ididnt pop it. I just kept putting BP on it until it would go away. It did, but it left some stuff still there and I kinda grew a small cyst from it. Well, like a week later, I picked at it and It got huge. This cyst was so huge but it had no whitehead. I put warm water on it and poked it with a needle and a lot of it came out. But, there was still some left which i couldnt get it out. I put some BP on it but all this is gonna do is just make it smaller and the gunk will still be there. I have prom in 2 weeks so do you think i should pop it again? with a needle? Or should I just keep putting on Benzaclin on it? I also have tazorac, do you think that would be a good idea to put on it? This is soo gay.

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Try honey and aspirin paste on it and leave it on every night overnight for the next couple of weeks. Takes down the inflammation while the honey has antibacterial and healing effects. Works for me anyway! good luck

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Try putting a dab of hydrocortizone on it and cover it with a band-aid. I like the little round ones. Leave it on over night. You might wanna try doing it every night til it's gone down. You could also ice it first, then do the hydrocortizone. It helps me out alot. Hope this helps.

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