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tentens Accutane Log.

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Hey guys

Well I am 22 and have been struggling with mild acne for 7 years and have tried alot of products and antibiotics that have all failed. I don't know why but I hadn't even bothered to see a derm until a couple days ago where I explained my situation and how I have lost friends and jobs and self confidence over acne.

I have been prescribed a dose of 30mg per day as I am a little underweight and will be going up to 40mg in my next dose.

This will be my last resort to trying to fix acne, I feel like it might work but because of all the other treatments failing I will believe it when I see good results. Hearing people's success stories gives me alot of hope.

I am a little worried about the side effects but I'm willing to try and give it a go, I can take anything now, although acne is annoying it has made me a nicer person in this world.

I hope you can follow my progress and support me on this journey :)

Day 1 to 3

My lips are becoming a little dry, I'm getting minor vision blurs, no aches or anything. Acne related...no change, still getting new ones coming up. Don't really notice I'm on this drug yet, I guess it's still very early.

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Day 3 to 4

So I don't see any major side effects yet which is suprising I was expecting major dry lips by now, hell can I have some luck for once? :dance: I have no real bad active acne at the moment just some infected blackheads and some weird red patch on my cheek but I think that was there from before.

Every morning I have been having a big glass of warm milk to hopefully make my bones stronger so they don't get weak from one of accutanes side effects, weak bones! mmm love milk been having two huge glasses a day now, I have been basically eating what I want too. Went to the shops yesterday got KFC and maccas I have been getting cravings, have to stop that though :| not good for me.

I'll get some pics up there are some of me here.


My skin doesn't look as good as that now of course, that wasn't too long ago but skin can change quick. I need to get some new pics up without makeup now. But yeh hopefully this accutane will fix my mild on going acne *prays*

Will try get pics up asap!

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Good luck with your course, one thing i just wanted to mention though is keep an eye on the blurred vision... if it get's worse you need to contact your derm asap!!

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Day 5 to 6

Currently 180 mgs in my body

Well today is probably the day I have noticed the most my body is sore, around my ankles and ribs and lower back really is starting to get sore. My eye sight seems better just feel a bit dizzy now and again.

I'm also noticing sore blackheads under the skin, I guess this is a process of getting the gunk out from deep in my skin, there's so much built up *goo* in there. I hope mr accutane pulls out his ninja moves and kicks it's ass! My lips are starting to dry out a little more.

I am still finding the luxury of eating whatever the hell I want, But tomorrow I will drink more water and start eating my salads and rabbit food once more. I do have juice though orange juice/less sugar and my milk....but never any softdrink, I never allow myself to get sucked into sugar+++.

I have a party in two days, I hope my side effects don't get too much worse until after

that :whistle:

and thankyou lamarr1986

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