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day 30

so today was my first follow up visit to my derm. she was generally unenthusiastic, just saying, "you look like you're clearing up already. let me write you another script." i asked her some questions, told her about my headache, and she UPPED my dose. wtf?! now i'm gonna be taking 30 mg two times a day. it's only 20 mg more daily, but still. i sure as hell hope that my symptoms don't get worse, even though they probably will. aggh.

i also found out when i went to schedule my appt. that my derm is leaving in a few weeks. so i'll have a new one next time i go. hopefully she'll be better with accutane stuff. it seems like every doctor handles it a lot differently. geeez.

skin is good. still have little bumps, lots of red spots, and blackheads going nuts.

i start my new dosage the 21st... i'll update then :)

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day 33

ok, a few things:

new dosage, new brand for my second month. i'm now on claravis, 30 mg two times a day. i'm not gonna lie, i kind of miss my sotret. the packages were smaller, and the pills were bright, smooth, and yellow. the claravis pills come in a huge container and are ugly, dark capsules. same stuff on the inside though, i know.

my skin's the worst it has been in weeks! i have a couple of painful zits on my back, plus a few small ones on my face. it could be from starting a new pack of birth control... or maybe a miniature IB?

my right knee and ankle are currently very achy. hoping it will go away, and that my joints don't start to seriously bother me.

has anybody realized that nobody really talks about ipledge and how stupid it is? the questions are so so stupid. i literally did them all in 30 seconds for my last prescription. ridiculous.

hope you all are doing well! till next time...!

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day 36

it's been 5 weeks! wow!

skin is doing good. still in a mini breakout mode, though. and i have THREE cysts on my back. EW. i guess it took this long for a little IB on my back.

the gunky pores i've been talking about in my nose/forehead appear to be gone... i'm sure i still have more blackheads that are ready to come out, but damn, they look A LOT better!

i've been starting to wear shirts that actually expose a bit of my chest. i don't mean i'm flashing my cleavage (as if i have any), but i mean i don't feel like i can only wear t-shirts that go right up to my neck. i haven't done this for years, so it feels great! :dance: my chest still needs some time, though. it's mostly smooth, but the red dots are still embarrassing.

on a side note, i've lost 6 pounds in the past month. woohoo!

things are looking up. :D

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Before I post anything, I just want to point out that I in no way mean any harm to you whatsoever. I just want to share my opinion, and please don't be insulted by it. It would seem alot of people easily get insulted by my opinion, so please, I'm not trying to be mean.

Ok, so what I'm wondering is why you're doing accutane again. You said your acne is worse than ever, but when I look at your pictures, I can barely see any zits. You seem to have some really mild acne, and a few moles. Now, moles are socially accepted, and zits are not.

However, in your case I would say you have a beautiful face. No one is going to notice your acne, so I really don't see why you would suffer through a 6 month course of a drug with so many annoying side effects.

Since your skin is so beautiful to begin with, a course of accutane isn't gonna make alot of difference relatively speaking. You'll be completely clear instead of almost completely clear. So why accutane?

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unnamed, i see where you're coming from, but let me explain:

i don't have cystic acne, and people with it are who accutane is mostly for. however, if you have mild to moderate acne (my derm claimed that i fluctuated between the two; i wouldn't say my acne is "really mild") that doesn't respond to other treatments, more than likely your derm will recommend accutane. and that's what mine did.

i know that severe acne is much more debilitating to one's self-esteem and happiness than less severe acne, but mine was still visible enough to be controlling. i never wore t-shirts that showed any bit of my chest, i felt like people were looking at my acne while talking to me, i was completely unhappy with my skin and myself. apparently people were noticing my acne, unlike you think, as girls in my dorm were recommending proactive to me, not knowing that i was already on a regimen of clindamycin, tazorac, and antibiotics. the pictures i have on my first post are of my skin while i was still on all three of those things! without taking them, it would obviously be much worse. also, frequent all nighters, shitty cafeteria food, and stress of papers and tests caused my skin to be two times more awful at school than at home, which is where i took those pictures - my skin had calmed down quite a bit, but what about when i go back to school again in the fall?

if my derm hadn't recommended accutane for me, and i had pushed for it on my own, maybe i would feel a bit bad for not deserving it. i don't think that anybody who saw me would call my skin "almost completely clear," though. it's silly to feel bad about not having skin that's bad enough for accutane, which is how i sometimes feel when i see other peoples' pictures on this site. at the same time, there's plenty of other people with mild/moderate acne here who are or have been on accutane.

i am making progress very quickly, but that isn't something to feel bad about. what it comes down to is this: why have acne when i don't have to? i'm not a priss who thinks that one pimple is the end of the world, but my acne hurt me. i'm already feeling a lot better about myself as a person, and as many people here can attest to, sometimes getting rid of acne, whether mild or severe, is what it takes to do that. what's a few blood tests and dry skin when i'm going to feel better about myself and be more attractive in the long run?

phew. i realize that was obscenely long, and i know you weren't trying to attack me, but i felt the need to explain myself.

on that note, here's my week 5 photos. later :D

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Well, if it really made you feel that bad. I guess you don't need accutane to control your zits, but rather to control your self-asteem... Oh well, as long as you think it's worth it :)

Oh and, I just wanted to say that I think you're incredibly cute. :)

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day 39

unnamed - yeah, sorry about that. i'm notorious for being defensive. :blush:

skin is good... definitely a little pimply still, especially right by my temples... weird. there's one especially painful one, but other than that, just baby, below the surface bumps.

i don't usually look at my chest to see how it's progressing, but it looks pretty good! still about 10 active pimples on it, but it looks so much better. the cyst on my back popped. mmmm. delish. :drool:

now that my skin won't be too bumpy or oily for makeup, do any of the ladies have any suggestions for a good foundation, concealer, or powder? i'm usually a drugstore kinda gal, but i wouldn't mind to splurge on some mac or something from sephora if anybody had a really good reccomendation for something.

till next time, lovers :-*

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day 43

ugh. skin is yuck. it's not even that zitty, but it's very irritated. i went to the beach this weekend, and of course i put on sunscreen, but the sunscreen irritated my face a lot and made it red. i did take a 10 minute walk sans sunscreen, and i got a burn on my shoulders. only TEN minutes! jeeez.

the skin on my body has been doing some funky things. my arms have a very strange rash on them from my elbow to my hands. i know its from dry skin, but i moisturize it and it burns (probably from the fragrance or something). also, being in the sun probably didn't help. the rash is red and spotty, but also scaly. gross. i seem to have tiny patches of scaly skin on other parts of my body. i'm fairly certain it's eczema. does that sound right? gah, it had better go away once i'm off accutane.

all in all, my skin is the worst it has been in a few weeks. buuut i got a new powder and putting that on over concealer has done wonders :)

check my gallery out tomorrow, if you so please. i'll put up pics now, but they won't get approved till then ;)

tiiiilll next time!

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day 45

for some reason the dryness has really hit me today. my throat is very dry and irritated, and my nose is all dried up on the inside (yet for some reason my lips are the best they've looked in a while... wtf!). i don't know what to do.

is it ok to just stick some aquaphor up my nostrils? anybody have any solutions?

skin is good... very smooth, a little dry, a few tiny actives on my face and chest, but overall i'm feeling pretty good about it right now :dance:

happy fourth, everybody! don't get too drunk :lol:

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Hey there -

Yes, Aquaphor or vaseline in your nose will help with the dryness. I haven't had to use it, but my Derm. recommended it.

I noticed you switched from Sotret to Claravis. One thing my Derm. mentioned is to take either the brand (Roche) or Sotret (best generic in my Derm's opinion). I'm on 20mg Sotret third month and it's wonderful. From week two my mild chin acne is pretty much gone. Accutane is amazing. Anyway, if you find Claravis maybe making things worse, try going back to Sotret and/or lowering the dose down to 40mg. Higher doses = higher side effects.

Good luck and take care.


day 45

for some reason the dryness has really hit me today. my throat is very dry and irritated, and my nose is all dried up on the inside (yet for some reason my lips are the best they've looked in a while... wtf!). i don't know what to do.

is it ok to just stick some aquaphor up my nostrils? anybody have any solutions?

skin is good... very smooth, a little dry, a few tiny actives on my face and chest, but overall i'm feeling pretty good about it right now :dance:

happy fourth, everybody! don't get too drunk :lol:

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day 49

7 weeks!

oh snap son! time sure flies.

yvette: thanks so much for the advice. after i read your response i promptly shoved some aquaphor up my schnoz. it felt much better afterwards. lovely! :D

sorry i've taken so long for the update (because i know i have SUCH a following... cough). my skin this past week has been... eh. the hotness has made it oilier than i thought it would get, and i went to the beach again this weekend and consequentially have a mini breakout from the sunscreen. i have a nasty little one on my chin, the kind of zit that i thought i wouldn't be getting anymore... going into acne regression is strange.

my lips look awful. i'm more self-conscious about them than i am about my acne. also, i still have that scaly rash on my arms and hands. i'll show it to my derm for my next appt.

i know i haven't talked much about my weight lately, and it's mostly because there's no good news. i had lost six pounds, and then that turned into three, and now it just fluctuates. sometimes i feel like going to the gym is a waste of time. i just feel like i'll never see results... i would really like to go running, but my joints would be a disaster if i did. boo hoo. :boohoo:

k, well, i'll update my gallery... tomorrow.

adios for now, amigos.

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day 53

i got a nosebleed today for the first time while on accutane. i've probably had a total of 5 of them my whole life, so it was kind of strange. also, there was quite a bit of blood. super, eh? :dance:

my face is pretty smooth. i'm running my fingers over it right now, and the only bumps (tiny ones, at that) i feel are around my chin, temples, and my cheeks. not too shabby.

my nasty tane lips are almost starting to look normal. i've been taking good care of them :D

i get very angry when people blame all of their bodily woes on accutane, but i've been noticing that i'm really tired all the time, and some people do say that accutane causes fatigue. also, i think i read on somebody else's log that they had a little pudge on their belly that just wouldn't go away while on tane, but that it went away after coming off of it. i do happen to have pudge that won't go away despite dieting and exercise, but i wonder if it could come from the tane. anybody have any ideas on this stuff?

alright y'all... L8R.

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day 57

wow, just past the 8 week mark, and almost done with my second month. :dance:

so far, i'm very pleased with the results. i have very few small, small actives on my face. of course there's the red marks, but as we all know i've just gotta wait a while for those to go away.

yesterday was the first day that joint pain really bothered me. i didn't even exercise, yet my ankles were really bothering me, as was my right knee. i also wake up every day with back aches, and my muscles in my legs tend to ache alot, too. i think i'm going to ask my derm to lower my dose at my next appt. this can't go on for 2 or 3 more months.

i'll upload pixx later tonight into my gallery. check out my hot skin, errrbody ;)

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day 63

9 weeks.... wow.

skin is consistently good. have a persistent zit above my left eyebrow. other than that, very small spots around my chin and the sides of my face.

in personal news, my birthday was yesterday. finally got an ipod (i think i'm pretty much the only person in the world who didn't have one yet... ok, that's an exaggeration. nonetheless...)

i broke up with my boyfriend today... i'm generally just feeling really bummed out, and sad that we couldn't make things work. we were very close, so i don't even know what to do with myself. even though my skin is doing great, and i've been losing weight, i just feel awful about myself.

i hope i don't get a stress-induced breakout.

relationships stink. :cry:

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day 74

whoa, sorry for the lack of updates... in between week 10 and 11 now! and i've got lots of news:

went to my derm for the OK go before i started my third month. i have a new derm now, and she's pretty nice. i told her about my achy joints, and she said that it was "supposed to happen," and wasn't anything to worry about unless it got debilitating. so, i'm still on 60 mg per day.

i saw that she wrote on the prescription for 30 mg of sotret, but they gave me claravis. do they not make sotret in 30 mg? i got excited about getting my pretty yellow pills back as opposed to the nasty crap-colored claravis.

for some reason my blood results also get faxed to my regular doctor, and she called to tell me that she is nervous about my steadily increasing cholesterol. my derm thought that my results were high because i had eaten before the test, but i actually had been fasting. eep. hopefully my cholesterol doesn't skyrocket. it shouldn't, considering i'm on a fairly healthy diet and work out 5 times a week. anyway, it's not high enough to be taken off the medicine, yet...

i asked my derm how long my course would be, and she said 5 months, just to be sure it didn't come back. bah. only 2 months down, 3 to go.

in other news, i sure hope that accutane has something to do with weight gain or retention, because i am not dropping as much weight as i should be right now. i've been eating half of what i used to eat as school (probably less) and am working out a lot (i never got near a treadmill before), and yet i'm far from the weight i was before i went to school. i have lost 8 pounds, though. not too bad, eh? :proud:

i'll update my gallery tonight with pics from last week and this week.

sorry for the delay, hope y'all are doing splendid ;)

p.s. thanks for the kind words, juls. i'm feeling a lot better now. :wub:

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